So, lately I had the misfortune of deciding to fix my sink. You know stoppers in bathroom sinks, with the lever you pull to make them go up? Ours had been broken for years. Of course it was fine when we moved in.

So I went to Home Depot and bought a shiny new replacement stopper. Unfortunately the rod is aluminum even though everything else is brass, so it looks “interesting” these days.

However, the process was HELLISH!! I never realized that whoever designed these systems kind of did a poor job. Or that maybe there’s simply not a better solution.

See the “sucky screw” in the diagram below? That’s all that holds this rod in! Do you know how easy it is to pull that rod out? Pretty damn easy. I pulled it out 3 or 4 times just testing it. Doesn’t matter how hard you screw; screwing something perpendicular to a SMOOTH METAL ROD is not the best way to hold it in place.

It your parts are old, dirty, nicked, and corroded — then the screw will hold. But on new parts, that are shiny and smooth? It barely holds. Screw it as tight as you can. Maybe I should have screwed it with a wrench? F that!

The solution is simple: Put duct tape on it. Hold the 2 parts together with stickiness. If only I’d done that the first time, it never would have pulled out, and I would have probably saved 30 minutes of my life.

So I’m giving my wasted time back in the hopes to save someone else 30 minutes. Put the tape there. The tape alone should hold it, but the screw is a nice backup. Both together should work really well. The only drawback is it’s harder to get the rod out. But isn’t that the point?

Mood: making the hurting stop
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