movie cover movie cover movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link (#1)] [(#2)] [(#3)] [Netflix link (#1)] [(#2)] [(#3)] Yup. We watched all 3 Beverly Hills Cop movies in a row.

PEOPLE: Eddie Murphy. Duh. Also: Judge Reinhold. Paul Reiser from Mad About You is there too.

QUIRKS: If you’ve ever watched the Clerks animated series, you’ve seen the scene where Judge Reinhold puts bananas in people’s exhaust pipes to make their cars fail. Well… It’s nice to see the original scene they referenced once again.

It’s also fun hear Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On”, and of course Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axil F” — arguably my favorite song on any of the 3 soundtracks. It’s funny to hear these songs seriously used in a movie soundtrack, and really helps date the 3 movies (1984, 1987, 1994). Bob Segar’s “Shakedown” (“Shake Down, Break Down, Your Busted”) and George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” adorn the soundtrack of movie #2. Movie #3’s soundtrack really has little to offer.

BAD STUFF: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why were these movies so popular again? #1 got a 7.3 on IMDB?!?! #2 got a 6, and #3 got a 4.9. But honestly? I don’t see much of a difference between the 3 movies here. They aren’t really memorable as separate movies. #3 was definitely the lamest, as they basically had to have a lot of their “crazy police scenes” in a parody of Disney World. It was gimmicky, like sending the nerds to the beach in Revenge Of The Nerds 2. But honestly? These movies just aren’t that funny. I LOVE Eddie Murphy. I grew up watching Eddie Murphy’s Delerious over and over again, from age 7 and up :) I loved his Buckwheat and Gumby on Saturday Night Live, and I especially loved the creativity of The PJs.

But these movies? I really didn’t care for. They were *barely* comedies. They are basically cop movies that have Eddie Murphy in them. At least he’s not the dude they stick along Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. But still.

CONCLUSION: These are NOT strong comedies. They are not particularly strong cop movies either. They more or less fail to truly succeed in either category. As a 3-movie franchise goes, this fails. American Pie 1-3, Revenge Of The Nerds 1-3 — most other “one through threes” are going to be better than these 3 movies were.

RECOMMENDATION: I’d avoid this franchise, but you might want to watch movie #1 in order to understand any references made to it in other films and shows (including but not limited to: Fletch Lives, 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Simpsons, Clerks:TAS, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy). If you really have nostalgia for 80’s soundtracks, you might want to watch movie #2. If the idea of the first 2 movies in a DisneyWorld-like setting with a crappier soundtrack appeals to the completist in you, you might want to watch movie #3. But I’d avoid them all.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Becky, Darren, and Christian D really liked #1. Tatiana loved #1, but only liked #3. Glen really liked #1, liked #2, but didn’t like #3. Benj didn’t like #1, and hated #2 & #3. Chris/Lisa hated #2. It certainly looks like only #1 has any respect…. But I question whether it really deserves that. If you watch them back to back, you’ll see that #1 isn’t that much better than #2 or #3… I think people tend to rate new things higher. For instance, take any season of South Park equally funny to Season 1. People will consistently rate season 1 as better — because it’s newer and was still novel when they first saw it. A lot of people drop things once they aren’t fresh, even if there’s no decline in quality. But with Beverly Hills Cop, I wonder why we picked it up at all. I guess that’s the magic of Eddie Murphy.

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