Of course the best insulation is proper insulation.
Or so we’re told.
I question that you get your money’s worth back unless you’re going to be in your house for years afterwards. However, increasing energy costs are changing that equation.

But what about clothes? Say I have a garbaeg bag full of clothes, and I noticed there’s no insulation between the joists. Clothes definitely insulate; I’m cold when not wearing them, and not as cold when wearing them.

Could I not lay some old clothes, scraps, and such down on areas of my house that aren’t insulated? The boards that comprise the sides of my roof — I can see outside in between some them. Could I not staple some clothes over the hole? In terms of ROI, getting even 10 cents back for your trash is a really good ROI.

And what about old blankets? If you’re going to throw away a blanket, could you not staple it up over an uninsulated wall?

Or is this just all way too mean to the homeless people who would get the clothes if we donated to them?
But to counter that: Wouldn’t people be able to donate more if their bills were lower?

Some questions don’t have easy answers. But ROI-wise, it seems like a win.

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