movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We had been trying to watch every Johnny Depp movie that had a palatable summary. The summary of this movie deterred us from watching it for quite a long time.

PEOPLE: Johnny Depp. Al Pacino. Directed by Mike Newell who has directed about 80 things I don’t care about.

QUIRKS: FBI agent infiltrates mob, gets caught up in mob life, eventually stops reporting to the FBI. He’s REALLY into his job. Based on a true story.

BAD STUFF: Just another mob movie about mob stuff.

CONCLUSION: I also wrote this review a couple months after watching it, and LITERALLY REMEMBERED *NOTHING* without going to IMDB and re-reading on it. I find “guys with guns chase power” stories to be rather generic and banal, and often don’t remember the details of the story even 2 or 3 days later. Honestly, I had more fun watching the b-movie (c-movie?) High Times’ Potluck, which had the lead singer of the Lunachicks starring as a girl who ends up turning the mafia into stoners, and also had a Tommy Chong cameo, Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) and the dad from The Wonder Years in it (as the mafia head). Now THAT is memorable, even if the movie was done on a low budget (by High Times magazine).

Now, Donnie Brasco wasn’t meant to be fun like Potluck; it was meant to tell a story. It definitely had intensity. But it loses points for simply being a topic Carolyn & I aren’t generally interested in, and for being very realistic. Which is to expected from a true story. By the way, Carolyn & I also have absolute zero interest (negative, actually) in ever seeing The Godfather. So there was a reason we put this off for so long. It’s really not our thing.

RECOMMENDATION: Johnny Depp fans should see this for completionism. People who can stand mafia movies really like this – it got some Oscar nods. But if you share the taste of Clint and Carolyn, there are a million other movies to watch that are more entertaining.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: At 3 stars, I tie Becky for the lowest rating. Ian, Glen, Metinee, and Darren all rated it 4 stars (really liked it), while Wayne & Christian rated it 5 stars (loved it). So in this case, I disagree with some of the people who rate the most like me (Ian, Christian) out of my 20 or so Netflix friends.

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