Not quite a nightmare, but an intense dream fueld by playing QuakeLive (which I encourage everyone to join) for 4+ hours before going to bed. Basically, I was playing some ultra-realistic political survival horror video game. Literally, I spent time in this game simply talking politics to people at a house I was in. War broke out. It was more or less a genocide of people with particular political affailiations. I managed to barely escape the house, but then had to hide for 3 days in another house. The wife was sympathetic, but I was not. At one point, I had to hide on top of a tall cabinet (they had cathedral ceilings) and simply hope that the husband didn’t look up.

I forget what happened, but I managed to cover a whole room with blood. I remember it taking me a good 5 tries to figure out the command to wipe the glass coffee table clean of blood. And it took 2 executions of that command to get it completely clean. As for the carpet, I managed to get the blood out just enough that you couldn’t see it, literally 5 seconds before the husband got home. I had to jump out of the room because it was too close of a call to simply run. But the blood was not detected.

I remembered thinking about how this was the most involved and realistic game I’d ever played; almost like living a nightmare. But much cooler. Becuase it was a game.

Mood: ready to party!
Music: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – The Days Of Swine And Roses