I asked Eli what I could do with some meat and naan. We actually use ground turkey, not ground beef (red meat bad)… But same diff if you’re used to it. Anyway, here was his advice:

If you have ground beef, and some canned tomatos (always good to keep, they taste great no matter what season), and any kinda starch. That makes a pretty good deal.

You can make a hash, brown some of the ground beef in a bit of fat, throw in the tomatos (sauce and all), broken up Naan (or leftover cooked rice, really any cooked starsh), toss anything else in the way of spices, veggies, or whatever. Heat until hot and eat.

It takes a while to get the liquid ratio right.
If it’s too dry pour in some lite beer, chicken stock, or water if you must.
If it’s too soupy add more starch, or let it cook down some.

To be really fancy, break some eggs or cheese, or buttered bread crumbs on top and throw it under the broiler until it’s crispy.

Bang, instant dinner!

Thanks, Eli, the oral oracle. Now I’m hungry! :)

Mood: lambs would taste great right now!
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