Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Heh — while cleaning up my “c:\pub” directory, my repository of personal stuff…. I stumbled upon a TXT file of an email I sent telling everyone about my Intel-sponsored trip to Phoenix that I had in 1997 for some job interviews. Too bad I didn’t get the job, but then again D.C. has been very flexible for me and our house is still worth 2.5X what we paid for it so it’s not a total loss here, only having to work 6 out of 10 yrs to survive comfortably. But I digress. I was quite poor as a student — though I had my parents to bail me out if there was a real emergency. It was funny how much I appreciated things like.. being able to reimburse paying for water. Anyway, the recount of my trip is past the jump… (more…)

A psuedo-nightmare. My tooth felt really loose, so I went to the bathroom. I was at [an unspecified/unknown] work. When I got to the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and messed with the tooth — and it totally fell out! I was disturbed. But at least I wasn’t ripping my face off like in that one scene in Poltergeist.

(In real life, I lost a cosmetic/anti-food-trap cap in real life a few years ago, never bothered to fix it.. and just lost a significant portion of a tooth right next my bottom front teeth — the remaining tooth is “C-shaped” now… If I get food in it, I can only get it out with gum… Need to make a dentist appointment, but it barely ever hurts, and stem cell tooth replacement is very close, so why spend the money?)

Anwyay, the next thing I know, tons of my teeth are falling out. It’s just the top/cap part of many of them, and the whole tooth for others. They’re all in the sink. A big handful. I’m franticly trying to shove them back into my mouth. I can’t even talk, because I have to tense my mouth to try to hold them in. Someone comes in. I try to hide what I’m doing, but my teeth are sticking out of my mouth in a grotesque fashion. I speak and a few fall out. I’m a wreck. It’s simply an incredibly socially awkward moment. I continue to still try to shove the “best” remaining teeth back into my mouth, but leave some in the sink. Freaky.

(In real life, we did watch, during dinner that night, dvd extras of Family Guy last night that had Stewie plotting to kill the Tooth Fairy, and then had a real life “Tooth Fairy” rolling around in a pile of teeth…) (more…)