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PEOPLE: Will Smith as Hancock. Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron return to being a couple here — like on Arrested Development, except she isn’t [highlight for spoilers] retarded in this movie.

QUIRKS: A superhero movie! Yayyyyyy. And one that deals with more real-life issues, which has been an increasing goal of superhero artists since Stan Lee first wrote the Fantastic Four. This one in particular has Will Smith as a drunk hero, who basically unnecessarily destroys millions of dollars of property while saving one life. And of course the authorities don’t like vigilantism. So there you go. Oh, and there’s a twist. :) I saw it coming, but didn’t know the nature of it…

CONCLUSION: Good stuff! Nothing profound, but this is a high-budget movie, and feels like one. It’s no Batman — after all, they’re making up a new hero, not building on something people have been ape-shit about for more than half a century. But it’s way better than, say, Darkman, or other movies with made-up heroes. It’s better than My Super Ex-Girlfriend too, as this isn’t some romantic comedy. It’s more of a dramedy.

We rated it: Netflix:Clint:4,Carolyn:4. IMDB:Clint:7,Carolyn:8. Hmmm. We both liked it, but I guess Carolyn rates higher?

RECOMMENDATION: Superhero fans — especially those who like a modern polish, and real-life problems (like in The Venture Bros., though this film is not a straight comedy) should see this.

MOVIE QUOTE: Rail Crossing Crowd #2: I can smell alcohol on your breath!
Hancock: That’s cause I’ve been drinking bitch!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj loved it. Jordan liked it.

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