movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Watch out! There are a shit-ton of movies called “Loaded”.

PEOPLE: Monica Keene (aka Rachel from Undeclared) as Brooke. Jimmy Jean-Louis (aka The Haitian from Heroes).

BAD STUFF: I watched this 6+ months before getting around to review it. Apparently, it is not at all memorable. May as well just read the summary here.

It is apparently a revenge tale — a character even reads Count Of Monte Cristo in the movie.

CONCLUSION: I have no clue if I liked this or not.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like Undeclared and Heroes, you may want to watch this just to see Rachel and The Haitian. Otherwise, I can’t really recommend one way or another. I would have remembered hating it. Probably just another generic movie.

Sorry for the non-informative review; When 2009 rolled around I started reviewing movies I’d watched in 2009, and have a backlog of 2008 movies that still need review. Fortunately, I am forgetting them, so the reviews go by faster :)

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