movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] When enough people you know start mentioning a movie… it’s time to watch it. So we did (on 12/3/2008)…

HAIKU: Stupid film titles
Permeate the industry!
I almost skipped this.

There once was a movie named Tropic Thunder.
A stupid title that made me wonder.
Actors I didn’t recognize?
What a pleasant surprise!
I’m glad to find out it wasn’t a total blunder.

PEOPLE: Believe it or not, but it’s actually a bit of a spoiler to say who all the actors are. You’re best off not thinking about it. We managed to be fooled and not realize who a couple of the actors were at first — and that was a big part of the fun.

QUIRKS: Fake trailers at the beginning. They were awesome! The whole movie takes place in an “alternate earth”. But not at all in a sci-fi/fantasy way. Simply… An earth with differently-named actors. (Who happen to have the same faces as actors here on our Earth…)

We missed the Wilhelm scream in this movie?!?!? Damn!

BAD STUFF: Not sure that there was any. We were pretty consistently entertained.

CONCLUSION: No wonder everyone was talking about this. Great stuff! I think I gave it 8/10 on IMDB and 4/5 on Netflix.

RECOMMENDATION: A mainstream must-see — but you don’t need me to tell you that.

MOVIE QUOTE: Kirk Lazarus: Everybody knows you never go full retard.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Ian loved it. Benj & even Glen really liked it. L Dubs liked it. I’m pretty sure everyone did?

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