April 2009

So, Carolyn, Christian, Parthena, and I saw Freezepop Thursday 4/16/2009. It was Carolyn & I’s second time seeing Freezepop, and Christian & Parthena‘s 1st time. It was the smallest venue I’ve EVER seen a show at. The band was just hanging around like normal people.

20090416 - Freezepop concert - (by Christian) - Carolyn, Parthena, Clint - 3493210142_8337242e7e_o

They played 15 songs — 3 more than their AnimeUSA show. They played 10 of the 12 songs they played at AnimeUSA, a new song called “Lady Spider”, Tenisu No Boifurendo and Tender Lies from my favorite album of theirs, Freezepop Forever, as well as Ninja Of Love and Thought Balloon.

I basically had my foot ON the stage most of the show… if I’d fallen I’d probably have messed up the performance (haha). They pretty much solely did requests. I requested Freezepop Forever, but they said they can’t do that without Kasson Crooker. I also requested Robotron 2000 but Liz was like “We haven’t practiced that in 3 years!” or something.

After the show, I was interviewed with a fancy huge camera — in part because my T-Qualizer shirt and trippy outer shirt got their attention.

I had to sign a model release and everything! They gave me their card and had recorded 35 hours of total footage so far. They liked my shirt so they said I’d probably make the final cut of their Freezepop documentary. I hope to obtain the footage someday, but I know that’s quite unlikely.

It was also the birthday of one of the members, so there was cake. Which was shared with the audience! (Unfortunately it was coffee cake.)

I also went up and talked to Liz Enthusiasm a bit afterward, and said “Bye Jussi!” to kind of freak her out that I knew her real name :)

I was also caught on video during “The Final Countdown“, the only cover song they play… which seems to be the final song of their performances…

^ You can see Carolyn and Christian at the end. Parthena‘s in there too if you know where to look, but is not recognizable. My shirt sticks out like a sore thumb and you can see me moving around like an idiot. Kind of embarassing, but I was probably having more fun than whoever might want to watch the video and make fun of me was having at the time :)

After the show ended, I took Parthena home and Christian came in and chatted for 45min followed by one of the unaired episodes of the excellent failed adult cartoon Slacker Cats. Carolyn did NOT get much sleep that night and needed a nap after work the next day :)

The full setlist for this concert is posted HERE. Here are Christian’s videos from the show:

Super Sprode:

Tenisu No Boifurendo:

Science Genius Girl:


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 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Not currently available on Netflix.] This was about Alistair Crowley, who I’ve probably been intersted in since hearing “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzy Osbourne. :)

PEOPLE: Nobody significant, exceeeept: Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Maiden, co-wrote this. And he plays the landlord/blind man (uncredited). First I see Bon Jovi in Cry_Wolf, and now this?! It’s bad enough with Marky Mark being in movies. Singers shouldn’t act. They especially shouldn’t write movies (yes, this applies to Quest For Festeroo too). Please make it stop.

QUIRKS: Oh God please make it stop. Basically, Crowley spends 4 days resurrecting himself into the body of Simon Callow, a university teacher. At one point, he pisses on his class. Actually, there may be TWO pissing scenes.

BAD STUFF: Everything. Confusing and random. The script is poor. The camerawork is poor. Poor acting. They don’t really make it clear that the one character in the beginning is L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the dangerous cult of Scientology. They don’t emphasize what is significant.

I needed a LOT of explaining from Carolyn, who can pick up on character subtleties better than me. Usually movies that confuse me this much are anime movies that confuse me because the characters names are all long Japanese names, and they are animated with perfect facial features that aren’t very distinctive. But I had similar problems with this movie simply because everything was so poorly done.

CONCLUSION: This was the worst movie I’ve watched in a long time. Carolyn sort of disagreed. Sort of. She said she saw the POTENTIAL this movie had, but that it didn’t live up to it. There is a good story, but it was trapped inside the movie, like a sculpture is trapped inside a block of wood until you carve it out.

While that may be the case, currently this movie just SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS ass.

RECOMMENDATION: Usually in this section I recommend what kinds of viewer should watch something. But this recommendation is for one of the creators, not one of the viewers:

Bruce Dickinson, please go back to making shitty music I don’t like, and stop making shitty movies I don’t like. I already know not to listen to Iron Maiden (Yea, I’m into metal, but hate Maiden. Sue me.), but I didn’t know not to watch this movie because it wasn’t called “Iron Maiden”. Oh the horror.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody watched this, but IMDB gave it a 5.2. It is NOT deserving of this rating. (more…)

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