movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] One of those movies I first heard about via some stupid rag magazine that was sent to my house inexplicably for a year (Nylon).

HAIKU REVIEW: Musical soulmates,
Looking for a secret show,
Find themselves instead.

PEOPLE: Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Superbad, Juno, Extreme Movie [which we’re watching tonite]) plays his standard awesomely awkward role as leading man, with the lovely but big-lipped Kat Dennings (aka daughter Marla from The 40 Year-Old Virgin) playing the leading lady. I’m not the only one who thought she looked like she could have played Bella from Twilight (aka Kristin Stewart). Compare the two of them: [1] [2]. She also reminded me of Ellen Page from Juno, but maybe that was because Michael Cera was standing next to her. They’re all good looking brunettes.

Ari Graynor plays super-hot-but-drunk Caroline, Alexis Dziena plays hot-but-bitchy Triss.

QUIRKS: Based on a book. Very musically-themed and music scene-themed. Michael Cera (Nick) is the only straight kid in a gay punk band. He’s the too-sensitive guy who just got dumped by a manipulative cheating bitch who happens to be friends with Norah, who happens to want to pretend to have a boyfriend — who happens to be Michael Cera. Hilarity and antics ensue when a drunk Caroline complicates his gay friend’s plan of hooking the two of them up.

Does anyone know what Nick’s ringtone was? Is that a Dinosaur Jr. song? I recognized it, and didn’t see any song in the soundtrack listing that seemed to match it.

BAD STUFF: The story of Caroline’s chewing gum? Sooooooooooooooooooo gross.

CONCLUSION: This was a really good teen romance/adventure movie! Nothing particularly ground-breaking or ultimately special or gimmicky — it was simply executed well. All the fun of a typical Saturday night teen caper style movie, yet with a deeper sentiment than the standard “kids just want to get laid” that you get from most caper movies (i.e. Detroit Rock City, Sex Drive, The Sure Thing).

4/5 stars on Netflix, 8/10 on IMDB (rounded up from 7.5 because Carolyn gave it an 8).

RECOMMENDATION: If you want to watch an adventure that is also about “musical soulmates” … This is a good teen romance adventure comedy film. By having well-executed aspects of both romance and adventure, this movie succeeds on several fronts simultaneously, making it quite refreshing.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Detroit Rock City is probably the most similar to this — but it has no real romance. This does.

MOVIE QUOTE: Thom: Would someone mind telling me where we’re going?
Norah: You know how some people like to eat at the same places?
Nick: Yeah.
Norah: Well Caroline likes to barf in the same places.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Ian realy liked it. Glen liked it. Lauren W said it was cute.

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