movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] If anyone watched the 2007 film Bee Movie… This is where it *seems* they stole their ideas from. (In reality, they probably didn’t steal anything — there’s only so many ideas, and everything has been done.)

PEOPLE: Directed by John Payson — a nobody. Except that he directed The Residents Icky Flix DVD, something that ranks in the top 10 strangest things I’ve ever seen. (John The Canadien will agree, and we both have Mark to thank for forcing this on us.) And he was a producer for MTV’s Liquid Television. Which explains how the original “Joe’s Apartment” short that this movie is based on made it to MTV in the first place.

Also, Billy West (aka Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy and Fry from Futurama; also the star of Comic Book: The Movie) is the voice of Ralph Roach. However, in typical MTV tradition, most voice actors are not known voice actors.

Otherwise, the movie is mostly full of nobodies. Except Moby.

QUIRKS: Cockroaches. Thousands–perhaps millions–of swarming cockroaches. That you can’t control. That fall onto you. And your date.

And… The first ever feature film produced by MTV Networks.

Also, there was one moment that made Carolyn LAUGH HER ASS OFF. I had to rewind and play it a good 10 times until she built up a tolerance to it. It’s really just a 2 second special effect that words can’t put justice too. But that moment was at least memorable for it’s affect on Carolyn! :)

BAD STUFF: Some songs? That try to be cute? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They’re bad enough that if you are previewing the movie before watching it… And run into these… They very well may scare you into waiting 2 or 3 years before finally summoning up the strength to go though with watching this. There are *TWENTY-TWO* songs on the soundtrack. But this isn’t a musical. There’s only a few songs that take over the movie. The rest of the soundtrack is probably background music being pushed on people by MTV.

CONCLUSION: Not the most memorable movie (I wrote this review 2 months later). I don’t really remember a lot of the particulars. I do remember DREADING watching this movie. It was at the bottom of our watching list for a few years. We finally watched it on a Monday night.

I think it might have exceeded our expectations — but only because they were *extremely* low. Still, it’s nice to not be let down. The movie was alright.

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked Bee Movie, you should watch this just to see the similarities. If you were a fan of the original “Joe’s Apartment” MTV sketch, then you might want to watch this for the sake of completism. If cockroaches make you cringe (as they do I) — you might want to watch this just to see something you hate being played off as “cute”. It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

However, if you want a great movie, or even a really good movie? This isn’t it.
And despite there being cutsey songs — this movie has profanity and such. It’s not for kids. If you want a cute movie — this isn’t it. If you want a disgusting movie masked as a cute movie — this is it.

MOVIE QUOTE: [Walter Shit, performance artist, has been lying in a pool of blood, pretending to be dead for 2 days]
Walter Shit: “I wanted to express how cold, how pitiless this city really is.”
Joe: “Nobody touched you for two days?”
Walter Shit: “Spitting doesn’t count.”

COINCIDENCES: (Bee Movie, Joe’s Apartment) Within a week, watched 2 movies that had insects talking to humans, where a human saved an insect’s life, creating a interspecies diplomatic breakthrough, where later there was a flower parading.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj liked it.

Music: Ween – Seconds (live)