May 2009

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We put off watching this for awhile.

PEOPLE: Directed by an animator for Toy Story 2 and some other nobody, this did have well-known voice actors, none of whom we recognized while watching: Jim Carrey played Horton (but we never realized this while watching it, so it’s not “over-Jim-Carrey’ed” like some movies). Steve Carell played the mayor of Whoville. Carol Burnett was the bitchy Kangaroo. Will Arnett (aka GOB from Arrested Development) (who we had previously been on a quest to see every movie of) played Vlad, the vampiric vulture. Seth Rogan was Morton. Voice actor Jess Harnell, from Comic Book:The Movie, was in this too.

QUIRKS: Based on the Dr. Seuss book. Computer animation. There’s also a lot of subtle references to other Seuss works, that may be missed by anyone who doesn’t read the IMDB trivia page.

BAD STUFF: Mostly directed at kids. The humor is not particularly sophisticated. There aren’t [m]any jokes that only adults would get.

GOOD STUFF: This *is* a chance to see one of Dr. Seuss’s stories come to life. And there are some good lessons:
1) Just because you’re the only person who believes in something, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.
2) A person is a person, no matter how small.
3) Authoritarians who want their rules and opinions obeyed at all times are douchebags.

CONCLUSION: Generic pass. At least it looks nice in HD. Seuss is great, but this wasn’t really any more complex than the book itself.

RECOMMENDATION: Seuss fanboys might want to watch this. People who want something to watch with their kids could watch this — it’s not nearly as annoying as some of the childrens’ stuff out there.

MOVIE QUOTE: “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant — an elephant’s faithful, one-hundred percent.” Yes, this quote actually isn’t from Horton Hears A Who, but another one of Seuss’s stories with Horton. But it’s not like we remembered that. These were books we read as kids. It felt very authentic because Horton did say that in the books. Just not in this book. It’s still the quote-of-the-movie as far as I’m concerned.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj loved it. Christian D liked it. (more…)

Pointlessness warning! I found an old file stating in way too much detail what my computer configuration was in 1998. Figured I’d post it here as a backup/old-school-computing memory, so that I could delete the file without a feeling of loss.  I’m gonna add some comments in red (11 yrs later!) to make fun of the past. (more…)

I dreamed I was in some sort of sporting event, which was a sled race. It was in a supermarket parking lot. During the summer. No, this doesn’t make sense. I managed to win by sledding all the way across the entire supermarket parking lot in about 2 seconds, beating everyone else. My “sled” was comprised of an 8×11 wooden clipboard, covered in clear plastic. No.. No sense here.

I dreamed I was back at Virginia Tech again, in a dorm. No clue why. I didn’t have a roommate, and the room was perhps a bit smaller than those dorms really were. Brent (Mark’s brother, who was my roommate in college, and who’s getting married tomorrow) was in a room in my hallway. There were a lot of drugs around. We ate at the cafeteria, which was in the same building as our dorm rooms. My high school ex-girlfriend Tiffany D was there. I had a lot of disdain for her in the dream, as in real life. I never knew who did it, but in the dream, someone stole a joint from us.. and we think it was her. The food was pretty good. I went back to my dorm room and started to clean up/move in, but then the real life phone rang repeatedly and woke me up.

Normally I dream I’ve gone back to high school, pretending to be a senior when I really had graduated the previous year. My sister has that dream too. Not this time — this time it was college! (more…)

Another stupid Facebook quiz with terrible, terrible questions like how you would react if your friend fell in love with a monkey.

Your Result: You are German.

You are precise yet romantic, efficient yet dreamy, friendly yet somewhat suspicious of others. You rarely smile, but when you do it’s very meaningful. You like it best when there is a group consensus, and yet you are easily annoyed by the slowness and/or stupidity of others. Sometimes you think that if only you could live on an island or move to some wonderful place far away, everything would be better, and if you can’t realize this dream you often lose yourself in books/vacations/recipes/sports — anything for an escape! All in all, however, you make your peace with life, and have many old friends. (more…)

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