[IMDB link] [Netflix link] Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

PEOPLE: Amber Benson (who is apparently Tara in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and who reminds me of Bunnelanie’s sister who always hits on Mark I) & Kristen Kerr (Inland Empire) play the ladies. Johann Urb & Stevie Long (who isn’t usually an actor) play the dudes. For the most part, except for Buffy, these are relative unknown actors. Even the director is pretty much a nobody — but it looks like his other movies might be interesting too.

QUIRKS: The whole movie is basically 4 characters 90% of the time. Sex. Lots of sex. And some sort of female domination angle, since these ladies basically own these men. Class differences come into play as well too, as they are rich woman, and the men are unemployed construction workers. It all starts when they try to pick up male prostitutes. Of course, nobody realizes until the next day that they weren’t really prostitutes. “Ew! Ew!”, she says, running away from the guy she just fucked as if he was now detestable because he had no monetary value assigned to him… But then they get hired to live in the pool house as, basically, paid sex slaves.

Chronology is slightly quirky too: It’s also one of those movies that shows you a fragment in time from the later part of the movie, then rewinds really fast to the beginning. (Kind of like The Rules Of Attraction, except that the first scene in Strictly Sexual is only about 70% through, not the very end.)

BAD STUFF: This is, technically, a romantic comedy. But unlike most, it stays funny for a good 75% of the movie. (I said this recently about Zack & Miri Make A Porno, whereas Knocked Up ceased all humor about 50% of the way through.) The end, like most romantic comedies, is completely dramatic and emotional. Really, it’s almost a dramedy, because it does not feel generic like most romantic comedies too.

GOOD STUFF: Did I mention this has a lot of sex in it? And unique situations? It was exciting a lot of the time.

CONCLUSION: Lots of laughs. Lots of sex. Sexual dynamics in unconventional relationships. Some good drama. Some great comedy. Some good characters. Surprisingly good cast. Like Splendor, this movie excites because of the uniqueness of the situations, and doesn’t try to preach to the audience by punishing any character who dares to live an unconventional sex life or lifestyle.

This is worthy of a higher rating than 6.3 on IMDB; Carolyn & I give this an 8/10, and would rate it 4/5 stars on Netflix (if it was available). I was so caught up in it I wanted to rate it 9/10 and 5 stars on Netflix, but I was still high from the ride of watching the movie. Within the romantic comedy genre, this is a 10, like Zack & Miri.

RECOMMENDATION: Like sexy movies and want to laugh? Then see this. It will entertain. Plus the girls are hot.

MOVIE QUOTE: Lots of good ones, but IMDB isn’t listing any for me to transcribe here ):

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