Friday, May 29th, 2009

Pointlessness warning! I found an old file stating in way too much detail what my computer configuration was in 1998. Figured I’d post it here as a backup/old-school-computing memory, so that I could delete the file without a feeling of loss.  I’m gonna add some comments in red (11 yrs later!) to make fun of the past. (more…)

I dreamed I was in some sort of sporting event, which was a sled race. It was in a supermarket parking lot. During the summer. No, this doesn’t make sense. I managed to win by sledding all the way across the entire supermarket parking lot in about 2 seconds, beating everyone else. My “sled” was comprised of an 8×11 wooden clipboard, covered in clear plastic. No.. No sense here.

I dreamed I was back at Virginia Tech again, in a dorm. No clue why. I didn’t have a roommate, and the room was perhps a bit smaller than those dorms really were. Brent (Mark’s brother, who was my roommate in college, and who’s getting married tomorrow) was in a room in my hallway. There were a lot of drugs around. We ate at the cafeteria, which was in the same building as our dorm rooms. My high school ex-girlfriend Tiffany D was there. I had a lot of disdain for her in the dream, as in real life. I never knew who did it, but in the dream, someone stole a joint from us.. and we think it was her. The food was pretty good. I went back to my dorm room and started to clean up/move in, but then the real life phone rang repeatedly and woke me up.

Normally I dream I’ve gone back to high school, pretending to be a senior when I really had graduated the previous year. My sister has that dream too. Not this time — this time it was college! (more…)