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PEOPLE: Director Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore) brings us Adam Sandler starring in a script co-written by Judd Apatow (who seems to somehow be involved in every top-rate comedy coming out lately) and Robert Smigel (Saturday Night Live). Also starring John Turturro and the exquisitely beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui (who was in Detroit Rock City? really?). And keep an eye out for Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Mariah Carey, and even George Takei (aka Sulu from Star Trek) who is finally able to play a gay man, even if only for a few seconds.

QUIRKS: The whole movie is one huge quirk!! An Israeli counterterrorism operative who wants to go to America to become a hairdresser? Ironically, he’s based on a real hairdresser who used to be an Israeli soldier: Nezi Arbib. And of course, lots of Israel Vs. Palestine jokes, jew, and arab jokes. And Adam Sandler’s huge… Well, you’ll see. I’m glad I know what faygelah means… And I’m glad I know what hummus tastes like. I’m surprised there would be people who don’t know what it is, but after having to explain falafel to an inordinate amount of people, it’s not as unrealistic to me that someone would not know what hummus is (see MOVIE QUOTE below).

Anyway, it’s not a serious movie, it’s a comedy. There are romantic elements, but it’s NOT a romantic comedy, it’s a straight-out comedy. With jokes pretty much throughout the whole movie. We were surprised at how funny it was, even if the humor was not perfect.

BAD STUFF: Some might put Adam Sandler in this category, but we wouldn’t. Some people might be offended by the various racial jokes, too. Too bad for them.

CONCLUSION: Frickin’ funny. I gave this 5 stars on Netflix, as keeping me laughing throughout a movie is pretty much the best case scenario for any movie. Gave it an 8/10 on Netflix, but if I were to rate it against other comedies, it would be a 9/10 or higher. Carolyn agrees.

RECOMMENDATION: If Adam Sandler doesn’t make you vomit, you’d have to be crazy not to laugh throughout this movie.

But some people are turned off by the ridiculous, and even want their comedies to be serious. Those people should put this back on the shelf and go watch a romantic comedy instead — because non-ridiculous, non-romantic comedies are rare. (Unless you count dramedy and black comedy.)

MOVIE QUOTE: Exec 1: What’s ‘humus’?
Exec 2: It’s a very tasty diarrhea-like substance.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Christian D really liked it. I think a lot of my friends would like this, actually.

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