movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] The first movie we watched in 2009. After noticing we had hardly watched any anime in 2008 (2-5 movies, 0 series), we decided to kick off the new year with an anime movie.

QUIRKS: Time travel. Anime.

BAD STUFF: Like most anime, the middle is good, and the ending is unsatisfying.

CONCLUSION: Generic pass. If I could, I’d rate it like 2.5-2.75 stars on Netflix, so it will scrape by with 3 stars via rounding up. 5-6/10 on IMDB. Just another anime. This is why I don’t watch anime. Carolyn says it was more interesting than the average anime. With the time travel, it definitely was. But there were no huge robots or tentacle-laden monsters raping women until they explode. It was basically a highschool romance anime, with a sci-fi angle.

RECOMMENDATION: See it if you like highschool romance animes. If you’re only watching it for time travel, it will be kind of disappointing.

MOVIE QUOTE: “Time waits for no one.”

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