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PEOPLE: Rob Zombie directs this sequel, starring most of the original people from House Of 1000 Corpses 1. Also, Brian Posehn has a bit part. Notable because we’ve met him :)

QUIRKS: This movie isn’t quite so much of a horror movie as the first.

Free Bird?!?!?!?! Yes, Free Bird is used. Pretty well. And, despite yelling “Play some Skynyrd!” at almost every concert I’ve ever been to, I would never have appreciated this final scene had I not played the song in Guitar Hero.

And as an understatement: There are some really messed up scenes in this movie. Like gunpoint rape in front of your friends.

VISUALS: Not as many tripped out scenes. Much less over-done. (Both were things I liked better about the original.)

MORALS: Freedom isn’t free? Sometimes it costs you your life.

POLITICS: Because the viewer of both these movies knows more about what has happened than any individual character does… It’s pretty hard to not be a fan of the cops abusive behavior and police brutality. They had it coming, 100-fold. Well, it is a movie :)

BAD STUFF: No more creepy high-pitched laugh from Sheri Moon Zombie. This movie is decidedly less creepy than the first. Also, there is [highlight for spoilers] no ambiguity about the clown being evil here. In the 1st movie, they showed him as sympathetic, and I actually thought that he wasn’t evil. In the last scene, when the main bad guy pops up from the back seat — I thought he was going to kill them both, and the clown was really trying to help. It seems like his character was a bit different this movie.

Also, no Dr. Satan. Which I thought was kind of a big part of the point of the first, so it seemed weird to throw it all out. But there are deleted scenes with Dr. Satan on the dvd.

GOOD STUFF: Since this movie isn’t a straight horror slashfest, there is actually more plot, and more resolution to the plot, than in the first. And they manage to make you feel happy [highlight for spoilers] that the bad guys lose, and then they make you feel sorry for them, and then they turn it into some kind of magical moment that’s really inappropriate for serial killers. It was a very nice scene.

CONCLUSION: Completely satisfying, but the first movie set me up to expect a horror, so I ended up liking the first movie better. This was more of a generic pass for me. If I only had to rate the last 30 minutes of the movie, we’d be talking 5 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: See both of the House Of 1000 corpses movies!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Ian loved it–better than the 1st. Wayne really liked it–the same as the 1st.

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