movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] [Wikipedia link] We have finally reached the point in watching all 10 Star Trek movies where neither of us have seen any of the remaining movies. I can’t believe I never watched this before! Stupid!

PEOPLE: Nicholas Meyer, director of the “best” Star TrekStar Trek 2 — and the worst start trek — Star Trek 4 — directs this.

Gene Roddenberry died before it was released on film, so obviously he is no longer involved in Star Trek. According to the producer, Roddenberry approved the final cut. According to Shatner and Nimoy, he demanded 1/4th of the scenes be cut, and was dead 48 hours later.

SNIP. I wrote a lot of insightful shit, and it got eaten by a spontaneous computer crash. Fuck you ATI for making me run Windows XP instead of Windows 2000. I can’t possibly write this all up again. Basically, this movie has a lot of trivia, and some of it is interesting. Go read it yourself.

QUIRKS: More space battles than the last few movies. Two alien worlds, but you never see the outside of one of them.

VISUALS: Flawed during one scene: Blood in a weightless environment should not look like a 1991 video game, even if it IS 1991. Movies are supposed to look better than video games!

MORALS: Change brings out the worst in people.

POLITICS: I wrote a lot about the politics in the movie, and in the making of the movie. Then I lost it all. Suffice to say.. Yea, there’s some politics. They’re relevant to the world today. And fuck copyright law for making it too expensive to use music from Gustav Holsts’s “The Planets”, as they originally intended. This doesn’t help any artist, this helps the corporation. By extending coypright law, they are repressing the public domain from all of us.

CONCLUSION: Best Star Trek movie since Star Trek 2!

RECOMMENDATION: If you stopped at Star Trek 5 — DON’T STOP THERE. That’s a horrible, horrible place to stop. Continue on and watch Star Trek 6!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Glen & Christian really liked it. Benj liked it.

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Music: Treblinka – Ancient Entity