Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] [Wikipedia link] Almost done watching all 10 Star Trek movies!

PEOPLE: Same old, same old. And a romance between Picard and Donna Murphy.

QUIRKS: Arguably the plot for this Star Trek movie is more complex than most. At the very least, figuring out everyone’s alliances is quite hard in this movie. The title, Insurrection, is incredibly appropriate.

Only one alien world, but it looks just like earth.

Pretty good space battles — more starships featured than in most Star Trek movies. Possibly because this is the first Star Trek movie where *all* the space shots are computer-generated.

VISUALS: The CGI Enterprise (now NCC-1701-E) is arguably the coolest looking Enterprise yet. It almost looks like a Borg ship — more dark than bright. However, the last Star Trek movie, Star Trek 8: First Contact, still has a better visual feel than this. Cybernetic circuitry is simply cooler to look at than natural landscapes (the likes of which we can see right here on earth).

MORALS: The forced relocation of a group of people is never, ever good.

POLITICS: I found that some of the politics in this movie relate to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, or of the American Colonists treatment of the Native Americans. It also demonstrated how a central authority can be corrupted to do the exact opposite of its stated purpose–without even realizing that it’s happening. Reminds me of the UN just deciding that people who live in Palestine can be “moved” against their will. Very similar.

BAD STUFF: Data’s Emotion Chip has always bugged me. In an earlier movie, he has it, suffers from it, and wants it out. Then later, he can suddenly just turn it off without suffering helplessly. This time, he didn’t even take it with him, yet he seems to still have emotions. This one small plot point over the last 2-3 Star Trek movies has really bothered me. But I’ll look past it…

They also never explained the time slowdown thing at all. Annoying.

CONCLUSION: This was good! Yet another post-TOS Star Trek that I liked better than Star Trek 7: Generations. That makes the final-Kirk movie the worst of the past 3! Wow! Netflix:4/5 stars. IMDB:7/10.

I also liked this better than Star Trek 5 (of course), Star Trek 1, and probably even Star Trek 3.

RECOMMENDATION: Not as visually interesting as the last movie, but the politics and alliances are far more interesting than the last movie. *Typical* movie fans might not like this as much as Star Trek 8: First Contact, but Carolyn & I found this to be comparable. Keep in mind that we do not watch The Next Generation series, so things that may annoy people who watch that series wont annoy us.

MOVIE QUOTE: Captain Picard: “Will, Geordi: go back and put a face on what’s happening here. Make the council see the Baku. It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of a people you don’t know.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Christian D loved it. Glen liked it. (more…)