Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Dreamt that I was still going to SIGNET — This was the gifted education program I was in during elementary & middle school where they would bus me and a few other kids from all the schools over to the whatever school ran SIGNET at the time, usually every week or every 2 weeks. But the catch was… I was my age. Or at least: Post-college age, at a minimum. But I rode the bus with the kids. I had apparantly not gone for the years I was in college, and then volunteered to help out by just creepily showing up and going there. Nobody seemed to mind at first, but now they were kicking me out.

I got on the bus to ride back, and the kids were creeped out by me. The bus driver confronted me about not being Christian, and I told her that endorsing any religion as part of a public school program is a violation of separation of church & state. I also cussed her out in a way that would be bad to do in front of kids, but that wasn’t the only “bad influence” type of speech I had used, which may or may not have been related to why they were kicking me out.

Finally I got back to the main school, and snuck *back* into the class with the kids again, just kind of creepily hanging out. But really it was because I wanted to say goodbye to the kids I’d been volunteering with. So then I said goodbye, and the teacher was kind of like, “Yes yes, hurry up and say goodbye, and then off you go!” So I did that. Then I took my bicycle (huh?) and went to a place and bought a sandwich. Then I went *back* to the class again, and explained, “I wasn’t really leaving! I was just eating! So now I’m going to say goodbye again! Muahahaha!” I believe the kids were actually creeped out by me, haha.

So I finally left fot real, then biked back to my place — wherever that was in the dream. I had to do some amazing weaving between pieces of concrete. Finally, as I’m about home, I’m hanging out in the parking lot — acting and thinking more like a kid than a post-college adult. This other girl in a pink kind of like this one except longer and without the apron/white parts. Random dream outfits are strange. So I am like, “Hi”, across the parking lot from her. The awkwardness almost felt like a Napoleon Dynamite scene. She comes over, and just goes, “So.. do you want to marry me?”

I respond, “I guess.” Then she’s like, “New York?”, referring to where the wedding would be. I started formulating my response. Do I tell her I’m not too fond of big cities? Maybe I’ll just say I’ve never been to New York. What about Amsterdam? Then she goes, “Or Amsterdam?” and I’m like, “I was *just* going to say that! You read my mind!”
Then I woke up. Yeah. Weird.

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
-Xavier:Renegade Angel (more…)