I actually don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a different take on vampires. Are we so close-minded to different experiences that all vampires must be alike? What about the zombies that run in 28 Days Later? Are they ruining zombies for everyone?

Twilight isn’t a vampire horror movie, it’s a vampire romance movie with interspecies sexual tension.

I liken the story to what it would be like if I fell in love with a delicious taco. It would be so hard not to eat this sexy, talking taco. I would love this taco, and pet it, and marry it, and name him George, and give it sexy taco-flavored kisses. But it would be really hard not to eat it.

And there’s the story. Nothing to do with the horror angle, really.

Twilight isn’t a great movie, but not terrible either. I tend to think it is not worthy of either the denouncement OR the praise that it receives.


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