movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Carolyn hadn’t seen this, but I had. In fact, it’s one of 2 movies I ever saw twice in the theatre, because my aunt Marcia offered to take it to me for free. (The other was E.T.)

HAIKU REVIEW: A crazy caper:
A douchebag brother from hell
only makes things worse.

PEOPLE: GWAR!!! GWAR is in this movie!! When they go to the nightclub, that is GWAR playing “The Horror of YG”!!!!!!!!!! And the club is called “Club Voltaire“. Well, Voltaire is another musician / animator / artist that we like!

Also, keep an eye out for “Major Briggs” from “Twin Peaks“. He’s in this movie, as is a guy wearing a really awesome “Nothing’s ShockingJane’s Addiction shirt.

QUIRKS: This came out in 1991, but it definitely has the “80s comedy” feel, since any year ending with a “1” is going to primarily feel like the decade before it. Decades take a few years to get their own feel.

CONCLUSION: Pretty funny — and underrated. I think this only gets a generic pass from me (Netflix:3/5, IMDB:6/10), but I don’t remember the specifics. I watched it 6 months before writing this review.

RECOMMENDATION: Did you like the paper boy in Better Off Dead? Then you will like the flower boy in Mystery Date! He’s just a crazy!

MOVIE QUOTE: Craig: “There are worse things in this world than getting slapped by a beautiful woman, you’ll see. ”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Surprisingly, nobody’s seen this, even tho it’s been out for almost 20 years. And now I’ve seen it three times!

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