On 12/30/2008, I suddenly remembered an old childhood anecdote and reminded myself to blog about it later. On 3/25/2009, I finally got around to writing this.

So I was biking to my friend’s house after school. I think this was “best friend” Cory(?), who was was actually kind of douchey (it didn’t work out). I think this was sometime around 4th-6th grade.

As we were biking down Woodfern Ct, there were some bigger asshole/bully kids standing around menacingly. Think of Nelson Muntz and his bully crew from The Simpsons. One of them just says to Cory, “What are you looking at?”, in a quite cliche manner.

Cory didn’t say anything, but then as we bikied, *I* passed him, and simply answered his question in one syllable: “Barf.”

A chase ensued.

Not content enough to know that I should be able escape someone on foot with the superior mode of transportation called a bicycle… I had to keep looking behind me to check on his progress. This is where being a control freak works against you. I wanted a progress meter.

BAM! I wipe out on my bike to the tune of a Top 5 Lifetime Bloody Elbow Experience. Shit. The bully kid comes up, and basically says something to the effect of a Nelson Muntz “Hah hah!”, but in a more calm “looks like you got what’s coming” way.

And did I do the logical thing and bike back 2 blocks to my house and get my mom to give me a band-aid and what not? No, I continue biking the 6 block equivalent or so distance (including through woods) to my friend’s house and get his mom to deal with it. I think I was still scared of the bully or something.

And there was blood. The end.
-Beavis & Butt-head

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