movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Time to watch the sequel! Which only gets a 3.9 on IMDB compared to the 6.1 of the original!

LIMERICK REVIEW: There once was a movie called Van Wilder 2.
Not quite as good as Revenge Of The Nerds 2.
Taking place in the UK;
it was certainly okay.
Though interesting characters only numbered in the few.

HAIKU REVIEW: National Lampoon:
Pumping out college movies
at a breakneck pace.

PEOPLE: No Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder) this time. Just Kal Penn (aka Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies). So yes — Van Wilder sequels don’t have Van Wilder in them! And Holly Davidson just gets hotter the longer you look at her (the huge boobs help). Though the main love interest in this movie is played by Lauren Cohan…. I have to say Holly Davidson is way hotter. It’s just not obvious at first. The boobs really sink in after awhile. Anyway… This is from the director of National Lampoon’s Bag Boy… Who’s only directed 3 movies.

QUIRKS: Takes place in “Camford”, a combination of Cambridge and Oxford. Briefly spoofs Dead Poets Society and Zorro, but mostly spoofs British snobbery. Since Van Wilder 1 spoorfed American snobbery, this was a good chance of pace.

This actually feels a bit more like Revenge Of The Nerds than the original Van Wilder movie.

MORALS: Rich people are often douchebags. Especially fraternity-based people.

BAD STUFF: There are probably at least 5 jokes that just aren’t funny at all… And the movie is quite generic. Even more generic than Van Wilder 1.

CONCLUSION: Generic pass: 3/5 stars on Netflix, 6/10 on IMDB. 5/10 for Carolyn, who didn’t seem to enjoy it quite as much. She initially wanted to say 4/10, but then conceded to the fact that she did enjoy watching it.

RECOMMENDATION: If you watched Van Wilder 1… You might shy away from this based on its IMDB rating and the fact that it’s a Van Wilder movie without Van Wilder. But it’s still in the same vein.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Revenge Of The Nerds 1.

MOVIE QUOTE: Pip: [grabs a sword] Let’s settle this the way our ancestors did.
Taj: You’re going to exploit me economically?

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Christian D liked it. Benj hated it.

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