movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] [Wikipedia link] Another Grudge movie? Okay, I’ll bite. Even if it’s direct to video.

LIMERICK REVIEW: The Grudge 1, The Grudge 2, and The Grudge 3
were all good horror movies to see.
The substance was not unique,
but the style made one go “eek”.
Though I think three movies is enough for anyone to see.

HAIKU REVIEW: The 3rd Grudge movie.
Not as scary as the rest.
Tied things together.

PEOPLE: Marina Sirtis? She’s looking a LOT older, and only got a tiny minor role. Which is a shame. I still think her best role ever was Demona in Gargoyles. Aiko Horiuchi was lovely. Shawnee Smith looked very familiar to me — it turns out she was Amanda Young (from every Saw movie), as well as Heather in Repo! The Genetic Opera, Suzie in The Island, some redhead in Armageddon (the movie). Johanna E. Braddy, the leading lady, reminded me of my friend Bunnelanie mixed together with her sister Meredith. So I called her Bunneledith. I had no clue she was the voice of the white-haired Princess Yue in 6 episodes of the Avatar:The Last Airbender cartoon — which will be the next M. Night Shyamalan movie.

QUIRKS: The 1st Grudge movie to be rated R, and to not come out with an “unrated” version on DVD.

VISUALS: Pretty much the same as the last 2 movies. You see more of the ghosts in this one. Carolyn didn’t like that as much; it represented a bit of a reduction of the mysteriousness of the past movies.

CONCLUSION: Like most “horror movie #3” sequels, you can’t just keep repeating the 1st movie over and over. Just as Saw 2 was basically Saw 1 with different people, so was The Grudge 2 basically The Grudge 1 with different people. And just as Saw 3 started to piece together the events of Saw 1 and Saw 2, The Grudge 3 started to piece together the events of The Grudge 2 and The Grudge 1. This was almost as good as The Grudge 2. Generic pass: 3/5 stars on Netflix, 6/10 on IMDB.

RECOMMENDATION: If you watched The Grudge 2, you may as well watch this. It helps explain some of the back story. But I think it’s time to end the franchise. There’s no need to have [highlight for spoilers] a “new” ghost who is the sister of the now-finally-defeated original ghost.

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