I hadn’t cut my hair since January… Why?

1) I don’t really care.
2) I prefer longer hair…. Though it’s harder to manage, I don’t understand people’s obsession with having their hair under “control”.
3) The fact that my next haircut was FREE simply meant I was that much more irresponsible in NOT getting it, and I reveled in that.

But when I started parting it in the middle — because there was too much to brush back nowadays — Carolyn objected. A lot. At least 1 person complimented, but at least another person joined in Carolyn’s chorus that the part in the middle was not working. So fine. I’ll get the free haircut!

Anyway, I actually took a picture this time:

This shall be my last professional haircut, as the price seems to have gone up from the $15 I paid for 30 years — to $30 — all in the past few years. I’m buying clippers and doing it myself, or having Carolyn do it. Ryan Mitchell has recommended WAHL clippers. If anyone knows of a good model number, I’d love to know. I researched WAHL clippers for a good hour or so and there’s simply TOO MANY CHOICES. Help needed :)

Mood: soon to be less annoyed than usual
Music: DethklokVolcano