Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Holy shit! This commercial was a staple of growing up in the DC area in the 1980s. How can anyone NOT remember 1-800-USA-1000, the most dominant phone number in history? Nobody bodders me! Nobody bodders me eider!

I remember the lyrics as “Jhoon Rhee Fight For Life!”, not “Might For Right”, but apparently there were around 4 different versions of this commercial. I extracted the audio to this and posted it HERE, in case anyone wants  to throw this on their mp3 player.

And yes, I read all 288 comments, and voted the appropriate ones up.

And then Greg found this parody of it!!

Also, a Carvel ice cream commercial… I totally remember that guy’s voice:

Someday, I should upload my local Woodbridge commercials that I converted from VHS to AVI :) I have one for CD Exchange! (more…)