Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Then he came and picked it up. That’s like 4 hrs of driving or something!

Topics included:

Causality Violation: The Mark I Adjacent Day NoVa Theorem has been violated/disproven.

Phones are easy to forget. Keep them in your pocket.

Mark only watched 2 shows in the 1980s that I didn’t: Gimme A Break!

My So-Called Life is just another system of control that Mark can’t stand, even when it uses music that he likes in it.

Screech’s sex tape was called “Saved By The Smell”.

Carrie Prejean is a stupid bitch.

Mark found random chocolate.

If you got hit by lightning 7 times, you probably wouldn’t _talk_ about it every day, but you probably *would* _think_ about it every day.

Clint: “Your mom was in Phrygian mode last night.”

Clint: “I’m afraid your bleeding heart has seeped into your dreamscape.”

Opeth covering Alice In Chains (Would) sounds pretty much the same, but more atmospheric. “Laurence Of Arabia” -Mark (more…)

clumsy best man ruins the wedding:

Jon Lajoie: 2 Girls 1 Cup Song … Amazing:

Jon Lajoie: High As Fuck … it gets better toward the end. Better as in WTF INSANE!:

But my favorite was probably the Slap Chop rap… We have one of these, actually, from Pampered Chef. They’re good products. But remixing an infomercial into a “rap” music video? Pretty damn funny!!:

Show Me Your Gentiles was pretty funny:

…and it reminded me of another classic — I Just Want Bang Bang Bang:

Parthena likes Jesus videos?
1) Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter:

2) Jesus 2000:

Ass-licking Smurfs video — I’d seen this before:

Kermit The Frog covers Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (a classic):

And while on the subject of classics, neither Parthena nor Erin had seen Chocolate Rain!!!

I mean.. there was a whole South Park about this guy! :)

The South Park episode is called Canada On Strike [wiki link].

While I’m here, here’s Obama promising something that never happened… Ran into this on Facebook while posting these other videos:

When Bush sent us to war using false assumptions (chemical weapons, 911 connection), everyone whined that “Bush Lied, People Died”. But Obama promised to send the troops home and didn’t too… So “Obama Lied, People Died” too. Both parties cause innocent people AND American soldiers to be killed.