Then he came and picked it up. That’s like 4 hrs of driving or something!

Topics included:

Causality Violation: The Mark I Adjacent Day NoVa Theorem has been violated/disproven.

Phones are easy to forget. Keep them in your pocket.

Mark only watched 2 shows in the 1980s that I didn’t: Gimme A Break!

My So-Called Life is just another system of control that Mark can’t stand, even when it uses music that he likes in it.

Screech’s sex tape was called “Saved By The Smell”.

Carrie Prejean is a stupid bitch.

Mark found random chocolate.

If you got hit by lightning 7 times, you probably wouldn’t _talk_ about it every day, but you probably *would* _think_ about it every day.

Clint: “Your mom was in Phrygian mode last night.”

Clint: “I’m afraid your bleeding heart has seeped into your dreamscape.”

Opeth covering Alice In Chains (Would) sounds pretty much the same, but more atmospheric. “Laurence Of Arabia” -Mark

Mood: full as fuck and ready to party

Music: Nine Inch Nails – March Of The Fuckheads