• I had to save this link, because MULTIPLE times I’ve brought this book up in conversation but not been able to remember what it is called. Hilarious stuff.My favorite is the Wilford Brimley letter, but the first review reminded me of my OTHER favorite part:

    “One of his letters is to the m&m company, in which he complains that their slogan “Melts in your mouth, but not in your hands” is discriminatory and insensitive to those who don’t have one or more hands. He then goes on to explain how he lost his arms in an encounter with a grizzly bear, and suggests that they change their slogan to “Melts in your mouth but not in your hand(s) (if you have any).””

  • I agree.How about addressing renewable energy now, rather than playing the rationing game with people?

    I don’t want crooked people at the power company to be able to tell their burglar associates when my wife & I are out of the house by looking at electricity consumption graphs.

    Such breaches of privacy DO occur… More often than people realize.

    This also makes marijuana grow houses more likely to be discovered… Which is a bad thing to anyone who is against prohibition of victimless crimes.

    Getting warrants for excessive electricity use is routine in USA (see links in comments).

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this is an example. In the name of the environment, we’re going to sacrifice our privacy. Bad.

    Someone commented that our only choice is to remain Luddites, or join the Hive Mind. Hell, I’d rather sacrifice electricity entirely than join any fucking hive mind. We’re not goddamned insects.

  • Am I dick for the fact that the first thought that comes to mind is, “Saddam Hussein gave free college to whoever wanted. It was state sponsored.” These riots are a result of our anti-socialist obsession with capitalism and everyone being responsible for only themselves. A real society would freely educate its citizens SO THEY AREN’T SO FUCKING STUPID. After all, that’s why we have public K-12. But why does it stop there? Sure, private schools are always better, but the rich who can afford them can afford higher taxes too.So now we have riots over inflation and tuition.

    I recall reading something that in 1970, a college degree meant you’d make 50% more. By 1995, a college degree meant you’d only make 15% more. Meanwhile, the cost in inflation-adjusted dollars had tripled.

    It’s almost like there’s no ROI on college investment. It’s no wonder people get fucking pissed when it goes up 32% in 1 year. And this is in Beverly Hills! Imagine how bad actual poor people must feel.

  • The corporations ARE our government. (That’s actually one of the signs of facism.) Here’s another example. According to the article, this guy played an instrumental role in introducing genetically modified milk and known carcinogens into the U.S. food supply.
    What a great adviser for the fDA!