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PEOPLE: Bruce Campbell! ‘Nuff said.

QUIRKS: Bruce Campbell playing a parody of himself — brilliant idea!

VISUALS: It basically looked like an A-movie trying to look like a B-movie.

BAD STUFF: The horror part of the movie suffered because this was also a comedy of sorts. But that’s okay.

CONCLUSION: This is a great movie to see if you are a Bruce Campbell fan. But if you aren’t, it would probably just be so-so. It got a generic pass from Clint, but Carolyn seemed to like it more.

RECOMMENDATION: See it if you’re a fan.

MOVIE QUOTE: Bruce Campbell: “Jeff, I just have one request.”
Jeff: “Anything Bruce.”
Bruce Campbell: “Next time you unleash an ancient demon, call that Buffy chick.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Ian liked it.

Music: Kreator – Dying Race Apocalypse