movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Another spoof movie. This one mostly makes fun of the crapfest movie 300.

PEOPLE: So-called “worst movie makers ever” Jason Friedburg and Aaron Seltzer wrote this. You’ll definitely notice Carmen Electra — and if you watched Hercules:The Legendary Journeys or even Xena:Warrior Princess — you’ll recognize Kevin Sorbo as well. Sean Maguire (Leonidas) looks like a cross between Seth Green and Ben Stiller. This also has Nicole Parker and Crista Flanagan from Disaster Movie, which once held the title of lowest rated move on IMDB in all time.

QUIRKS: Was originally going to be Disaster Movie 2, but then they changed its title because it had nothing to do with disasters, and because the first one bombed.

Won some Razzie awards.

VISUALS: Gay. Really gay. Like 300.

BAD STUFF: No musical number in a spoof movie should EVER be that long. I know it’s fun to make fun of You’ve Been Served … But… Gah. The horror. The horror.

CONCLUSION: Me & Carolyn both give this 5/10 on IDMB. For me, that means it was worse than Disaster Movie, which I think I gave a 5.5-6/10. For Carolyn, that means it was better than Disaster Movie, which she gave a 2-3/10. In this case, I think I’m going to give it 2/5 stars on netflix. I laughed, but not enough to make it worth getting through. Fortunately the alcohol helped.

Carolyn did laugh a lot at the character names “Sonio” (a son) and “Traitoro” (a traitor).

RECOMMENDATION: Even if you like spoof movies… You should skip this, unless you hated (or loved) 300 and want to see 300 spoofed.

MOVIE QUOTE: Messenger: [Leonidas has kissed the Persian’s messenger on the mouth] What the hell was that?
Leonidas: What?
Messenger: You just kissed me!
Leonidas: That is how men great each other in Sparta: high-fives for the women [high-fives Margo]
Leonidas: and open-mouthed tongue kisses for the men!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj really liked it. Heh.

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