I gave up on chkdsk every finishing… I have to reboot every 3-7 days, and chkdsk is never going to finish in that timespan. And all 3 of our computers can’t be tied up with anything that requires a you to boot to a repair disc.

I got my new 1.5TB drive installed. Mad that it’s a Western Digital Caviar Green, and thus only has a 3yr warranty. But the Caviar Black apparently only comes in 1.0TB. And the 2TB Black is 3X more expensive than the 1.5TB Green. Sigh.

So now I’m just moving the files off at the command-line with a BAT file I run. A lot of smaller files are 100% intact. Take an anime series with 26 episodes — I’m getting maybe 23 of them. That still means having to get those 3 off disc, so I see a lot of disc-fetching in our future. (1.5TB = 333 DVD-Rs.)

Once moving things normally runs its course, I’ll try recovernig the files that wouldn’t move with R-Studio.

This whole process is probably going to take weeks. I just hope R-Studio doesn’t make my computer unusable. If it does… I’m not really sure where to go. The downstairs computer is in charge of downloading/burning; stopping that stops everything. Carolyn’s computer is used by Carolyn — would kind of suck for her to give that up for a week+. And my computer runs our music/TV. Nor would I want to give it up.

What I need is a 4th, spare computer… That has a SATA drive. Or maybe a USB enclosure that lets a SATA drive be used by a non-SATA computer? Is there such a thing? We do have a spare computer. A Pentium III built in 1999 (“Mist”) that’s still alive and kicking in our bedroom. I guess I need to investigate. If anybody knows, lemme know :)

Mood: still headachey.. stupid cold
Music: Pixies – Blown Away