movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] I obtained this movie because it was supposed to be one of the worst movies of all time — rated 2.2 on IMDB, with a full 48.9% of people rating it 1/10, and only about 18% of people rating it higher than 5/10. It was most popular with females aged 18-29 who rated it 2.5 on average. Hah!

HAIKU REVIEW: AE had warned me
that this film was terrible.
I should have listened.

PEOPLE: Corey Feldman AND Corey Haim.

BAD STUFF: Even going in with low expectations didn’t help! This was about the most painful thing we’ve watched. Even movies that we hate (Birth, The Unforgiven), we still hang onto until the end. Aborting movies is not something we do. Ever. Yet we aborted this movie 30 minutes into it. There was no semblance of a plot, or anything of any redeeming value. The last time we aborted a movie was Busted, which was another Corey Feldman / Corey Haim collaboration. Lesson learned. The Two Coreys mean a movie is unwatchable.

CONCLUSION: Even though this movie isn’t in the IMDB bottom 100 (which start at 2.1, and this is rated at 2.2)…. We enjoyed Disaster Movie (rated 1.6 as the 19th worst movie ever) more than this. Which is saying something very significant for a lot of people. This movie was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

I rated this a 2/10. It escapes a 1/10 because there are things I would still rate lower. The Jonas Brothers 3-D concert, for example. I saw a nipple during that 30 minutes which means it wasn’t the worst 30 minutes of my life. Barely. 1/5 stars on Netflix. National Lampoon should remove their name from this.


SIMILAR MOVIES: Busted, with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

MOVIE QUOTE: Nothing in this movie is worth repeating!

COINCIDENCES: 2 movies with 2 Coreys that we aborted in the same decade. Not a real coincidence, but worth mentioning.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: AE hated it, I assume from his comments.

Mood: relieved… the stopgap measure has been applied
Music: Slayer – Blood Red