movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We’d been putting this off due to the 2.7 rating on IMDB.

LIMERICK REVIEW, by Carolyn: There once was a movie called Plump Fiction.
It really choked its own chicken.
It dragged from the top,
It was really a flop–
The parody genre really took a lickin’.

HAIKU REVIEW, by Carolyn: Parodies are good.
Plump Fiction was not so much.
Plump Fiction was bad.

PEOPLE: Written & Directed by Bob Koherr who’s done nothing I’ve ever been interested in. But it was the cast that drew us to this movie – Dan Castellaneta (aka Homer Simpson, and tons of other cartoon roles such as Bill from Eek! The Cat, or The Mole King from The Tick) plays a Forrest Gump impersonation. Tommy Davidson (In Living Color), Julie Brown (the redhead from MTV and Fox’s killer sketch comedy The Edge, not “Downtown” Julie Brown), Paul Dinello (Be Kind Rewind), and Sandra Bernhard play Pulp Fiction impersonations. There are also small roles by comics Judy Tenuta and Kevin Meaney, as well as horrible Headbanger’s Ball host Riki Rachtman (parodying Clerks).

QUIRKS: Other spoofed movies include Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers, Sister Act, and a character that is Nell from Nell. There was also a fun reference to Waterworld (which we JUST watched), as well as quick references to tons of other movies and shows, such as El Mariachi, Priscilla,Queen Of The Desert, and The Monkees (which really made no sense at all).

VISUALS: They did a good job copying the style of Pulp Fiction. I never would have guessed that redhead Julie Brown could be made to look like that.

BAD STUFF: Well, the whole movie. The jokes fell flat. They tried to stick to parodying Pulp Fiction a bit too hard; to the detriment of the comedy. It was really the poorest spoof movie we’ve ever seen.

CONCLUSION: 3/10 on IMDB, 2/5 stars on Netflix.

RECOMMENDATION: SKIP THIS! If you’ve watched every spoof movie in existence, you might be inclined to finish up by watching this. DON’T! Hell, Epic Movie was WAYYY funnier than this. And that’s sad.

Go watch Totally Awesome instead.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Pulp Fiction, Epic Movie.

MOVIE QUOTE: Jimmy Nova: Wanna know what a cockroach is called in Algeria?
Montello Hungry: Why the fuck would someone want to know that?

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