movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Technically this is a Made For TV movie by VH1, but it doesn’t really matter in this case. It’s a spoof genre comedy specifically spoofing 80s movies and the 1980s themselves.

LIMERICK REVIEW: Footloose. Better Off Dead. The Karate Kid.
Movies that we watched back when we were a kid.
Parody movies are all over the place.
Yet this one got ahead in the race.
Did it succeed in making us laugh? Yes it did!

Yes, my limerick is lazy. I don’t feel like fixing it.

HAIKU REVIEW: The 1980s:
A decade to remember,
and to make fun of.

PEOPLE: Directed and co-written by Neal Brennan, who co-wrote Half Baked and co-created The Dave Chapelle Show. Starring Mikey Day, Dominique Swain (Wendy from Happy Campers–my GOD can she scream like an insane maniac), Brittany Daniel (snobby hottie Sophia from That 80’s Show, it makes sense to put her in an 80s-spoof movie), Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica, and in 1 episode each of Smallville, Dark Angel, and The L Word) as the poor girl, Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live), Joey Kern (Cabin Fever) as The Douchebag Guy.

You also wont miss Tone Loc, performing a self-deprecating parody “early version” of Wild Thing called “Crazy Stuff”, with lyrics that aren’t catchy and don’t make any sense. Or Trevor Heins (aka the “Gamble Gamble Gamble Die” kid from several episodes of one of the most subversive shows ever, Wonder Showzen). Or James Hong, playing a gay parody of Mr. Miagi from The Karate Kid. (He was Dalong Wong in the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon, and Bruce in The Chinese Restaurant episode of Seinfeld, and has been a guest star in some 200 series, as well as Mr. Ping in Kung Fu Panda, Jeff Wong in Wayne’s World 2, the fortune teller in Mystery Date, David Lo Pan in Big Trouble In Little China, and is basically typecast into a bunch of Asian rules as “Mr. Wu”, “Mr. Li”, “Mr. Wong”, “Mr. InsertAsianSoundingNameHere”.) Or Ben Stein narrating the movie.

QUIRKS: 1980s. SOOOO much 1980s. 80’s clothes. 80’s dancing. 80’s movie parodies. This is the most 1980s movie I’ve watched that came out post-2000 :)

The movie was made in 2006, but has Ben Stein come on, narrating that this movie was actually [not really, though] found in the vaults, and had been shelved in the 80s. In other words, they at least pretend that it’s a real 80’s movie…

It’s a spoof-genre comedy, mostly making fun of Footloose and The Karate Kid. But there are nods to other 80s movies, like Teen Wolf, Soul Man, Risky Business (sort of), Better Off Dead, Dirty Dancing, and others. The soundtrack includes Wang Chung, Twisted Sister, A-Ha, Foreigner, and of course the aforementioned Tone Loc.

VISUALS: Bright 80s clothes. They hurt to look at. Yet I like it better than what people wear today; people would be scared to wear 80s clothes today. Fear is lame.

BAD STUFF: Not being a fan of dancing, I didn’t really want parodying Footlose to be half of the plot. But it wasn’t bad. There weren’t a lot of long dance scenes. And making fun of 1980’s-style dancing made them go down much easier. Also, the “try being black” subplot could probably be cut out, but I may have not enjoyed that as much because I never saw Soul Man.

CONCLUSION: This surprised us by being better than most spoof-genre comedies. Most get a generic pass from us, but we had to give this 4/5 stars on Netflix. I give it a 7.5/10 on IMDB (rounded up to 8). We love spoof movies. We love the 80s. Adding a layer of 1980s on top of the spoof-genre layer just made this that much better.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like spoof movies, OR like the 80s — this is a good one. Better than your average spoof-genre comedy. Dominique Swain’s spazzed out freakout episodes were awesome.

MOVIE QUOTE: Principal Picker [on why dancing is illegal]: “They kicked off their Sunday shoes. Soon, inevitably, their feet became loose.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj didn’t like it.

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