Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Strange dream related to my car, which I just got back from the body shop. In my dream, it had been stolen a month ago. While riding home with Carolyn in her car, I saw it pass us. This would be on the hill of Old Bridge Rd, a few seconds before Oakwood Dr., where the house I grew up was. I told Carolyn to catch up to him, so I could see what he was doing. But she just didn’t catch up enough, and totally let the car go. I got mad at her in the dream.

Once getting home, I decided to peruse local neighborhoods for my car. After all, it was driving around — maybe they lived near here. I took a bicycle out and SLOWWWLY combed the various neighborhoods near me, futily looking for the car. At one point, for whatever reason, I decided to check *inside* this stranger’s house. Once inside, I found a cookie and ate it. I also needed more supplies, so I put on some Misfits shirt I found. Then the owners came home. Surprisingly they did not kick my ass or call the police. Instead they were very friendly, asked me if I needed anything, and complimented my taste in music for wearing THEIR Misfits shirt. They fed me. I think they let me crash on their couch, too. [sarcasm] Because biking home half a mile was apparently in insurmountable, insurvivable journey, and there’s no way I could possibly call someone. [/sarcasm] Also, one of the roommates was a girl I had a crush on in 7th/8th grade, one Erin L who I recently typed the name of into Facebook in real life, and saw a modern picture of. “Erin?” “Yes?” She didn’t remember me, was more friendly than I remembered, and I wasn’t going to tell her I had found her on Facebook a few weeks ago.

So the next day (?) I went out, and did indeed find my car in some townhouse’s parking lot. I assume I called the police (even though phones weren’t in the picture previously), because i ended up driving it back.

This was pretty much a manifestation of me getting my car back from the body shop in real life…

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
-Xavier:Renegade Angel (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] I kept seeing this listed as being in the same category as other fun movies I watched. So I watched it.

PEOPLE: Brendon Fehr (Final Destination) as main character Ed, a compulsive cameraman who records everything in his life. Chris Klein (American Pie 1 & 2, Just Friends) as Cooper, his older gets-laid-alot brother.

QUIRKS: The main character is someone who recorded most of his life with a camcorder. He had shelves and shelves of archived memories. Reminds me a bit of AE and a bit of myself (except I never picked up a camera compulsively until I was 25).

Lots of trying to pick up women.

Some very gross moments involving sperm and feces (but not at once). Did we really need to see it dripping down that girl’s leg? Wow. They just gave Something About Mary a run.

The “older brother who gets laid more than his uptight younger brother” character has been done over and over and over and over and over again. However, older brother “Cooper” in this movie was a bit refreshing for not being as much of a douchebag as most older brothers — like the one from Sex Drive, for example.

In fact, both characters had more depth than the ones you find in typical movies like this.

VISUALS: Remember HBO’s awesome comedy “Dream On”? This show flashes back to the Ed’s camcorded memories in the same way that Dream On flashed back to old TV shows. Though all of his camcorded memories are actually famous internet videos, so we’d actually seen a lot of them. I wondered if the people who starred in the clips got any royalties for being in the movie (hah).

BAD STUFF: Very predictable. Soooo predictable. But we knew to expect that going in. This movie is more about the journey than the destination. The destination is the same destination of all movies like this: [highlight for spoilers] Hot chick falls into uptight guy-who-can’t-get-laid’s lap, his personal crisis is resolved, the older womanizing brother grows as a person, and everyone has a magically happy ending.

CONCLUSION: VERY generic. 3/5 stars on Netflix, 6/10 on IMDB. I’d possibly rate this 5.5/10 on IMDB if I could. It entertained, but was VERY generic. At least the “Dream On”-inspired style kept things visually interesting. It was a contrived way to force more laughs out of us — but as internet junkies, throwing random internet clips onscreen that relate what just happened is really speaking to us in our language.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like movies about savvy PUAs (pick-up artists) teaching their uptight younger brothers how to get laid … You’ll probably like this. It’s a fun movie, with some raunchy jokes, some funny cutaway scenes, and a nice happy ending. It’s fluff for entertainment’s sake. It definitely works. We had fun watching it. But it’s not something that really needs to be watched twice. Still — if you like comedies, you might want to pick this up for a dull night. It makes for good Sunday night viewing — when the party’s over, you’re hungover, and you want the weekend to go on a bit longer. It’s rated 5.1 on IMDB, for what it’s worth.

SIMILAR MOVIES: American Pie: The Naked Mile is a bit similar, what with the trying to get laid over the weekend theme, and the general level of quality.

COINCIDENCES: (real life, The Long Weekend) While taking a mid-movie break to do a shot, Clint was performing the Carmina Burana Oh Fortuna song… Which was then featured in the movie [though it was the 2nd half/2nd song of it]. (more…)