best creepy horror: Mirrors (honrable mention: House Of 1000 Corpses)
best tension-building horror: Quarantine
best make-you-squirm horror: Saw 5 (honorable mention: House Of 1000 Corpses)
best psychological horror: Mirrors, Funny Games U.S.
best psychological thriller: The Number 23, Live! (tho Live! is a bit more of a drama)
best gross-out horror: Drag Me To Hell
best sci-fi horror: Hardware
WORST HORROR: Mimic, Rise Of The Gargoyles

Read past the jump for the lists of individual movies, separated by rating.

***** 5-star:

* Hardware – listed under sci-fi as well; this is one of my favorite movies – seen it in vhs, dvd, and now bluray
* Live! – kind of a thriller in a way, but not really — so it’s also listed under drama section. Want to see what a real life Russian Roulette reality show would look like in America? Nobody wants to admit it, but it would be the highest rated televised event ever.
Mirrors (2008) – creepy as hell!!! So dark!
Number 23, The (2007) – I never thought an abstract concept like a specific number could be scary, but this movie ended up being perfect!
Quarantine (2008) – locked in a building with zombies, Cloverfield/Blair Witch-style. Remake of [rec].

**** 4-star:

* Antichrist — listed under drama, though it’s quite horrific indeed. Some of the more horrible things I’ve ever, ever seen. Such suffering
* Battle Royale 1 – listed under ACTION/REVENGE/THRILLER, but is kind of a horror too. Being in this society as a kid would be scary as hell
Drag Me To Hell (2009) – more of a horror-comedy. such mouth play, as Eli says
Faculty, The (1998) – surprisingly good
Funny Games U.S. (2007) – such torture, a whole movie of being held hostage. Beware people with white gloves.
House Of 1000 Corpses 1 (2003) – creepy. Her laugh, her laugh!!!
Pulse (2006) – computer virus horror! great idea. wifi demons
Saw 5 (2008) – the plot sickens
Trailer Park Of Terror (2008) – sexy coherent redneck zombie FTW

**** 4-star: (low)

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007) – heroes with anger issues rule

*** 3-star (high):

Donkey Punch (2008) – intense. possibly a “high 3-star”.
Jennifer’s Body (2009) – way better than expected. A high 3-star, really.

*** 3-star:

* Bad Girls Of Valley High — listed under comedy
* Battle Royale 2 – listed under ACTION/REVENGE/THRILLER
Broken, The (2008) – great for anyone who likes Mirrors. What a twist!
Clive Barker’s The Plague (2006) – I already hated kids before seeing this. Kids as zombies suck!
Friday The 13th 12 / Friday The 13th “reboot” (2009) – reboot fail
Grudge 2, The – 60% as good as original?
Grudge 3, The (2009) – 40% as good as original?
Infestation (2009) – wanted to be a horror-comedy, but failed at being great at either. Decent, though.
Vampires 1 aka John Carpenter’s Vampires 1 (1998) – meh. James Woods, haha.
Vampires 2: Los Muertos (2002) – Bon Jovi vampire slayer!!!!!
House Of 1000 Corpses 2: The Devil’s Rejects (2005) – great ending; liked 1st one better though
My Name Is Bruce (2007) – for Bruce Campbell fanboys
Prince Of Darkness (1987) – not as scary as when 12
Shadow Of The Vampire (2000) – creepy, and the basis for Willem DaFoe becoming the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man movies
* Twilight – listed under romance. Not really a horror. Click for my explanation of why I don’t think it’s so bad.
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2008ish)

*** 3-star (low):

Cell 2, The (2009) – barely any semblance to the first
Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, The – meh. Then we found out Carolyn hadn’t seen the original. Oh no!

** 2-star:

Dust Devil: The Final Cut: Work Print (1992) – some real good artistic merit from the creator of Hardware; this is still worth watching. But I didn’t like it.
Mimic (1997) – awful implementation
Rise Of The Gargoyles (2009) (TV) – even avid Gargoyles [the cartoon] fanboys will hate tis!

By the way, here are some yearly breakdowns:

Genres: (comedy=89/36%, horror=38/15%, scifi=33/13%, action/thriller=25/10%, fantasy=18/7%):

Ratings: (5-star=19%, 4-star=32%, 3-star=42%, 2-star=6%, 1-star=1%):

Cartoons (7%) Vs. Live (93%): Fewer animated movies this year (10% animated last year):

Quality: 28% in HD this year (up from 19% last year, 14% in 2007):

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