movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Movies numbered “2.5” confuse me.

PEOPLE: The standard Jackass crew. And Mike Judge got roped into a segment! He actually helped inflate air into a guy’s ass with a fireplace bellows! Then he kind of backed away and looked like, “What the hell have I gotten into?”

QUIRKS: The standard Jackass quirks: Extreme revulsion, violence, and stupid behavior. In short: Jackassery.

This one has more interviews, and is presented more as a “making of Jackass 2“. However, it includes pretty much all new jackassery, so it really is more or less a 3rd movie. It’s all the rejected parts from Jackass 2. However, I found them to be pretty much as good.

VISUALS: They will make you gag.

MORALS: Anything for a laugh.

BAD STUFF: They will make you gag.

CONCLUSION: This is still grade-A entertainment, if you aren’t so weak as to not be able to stand it. Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. You should have seen Carolyn’s reactions! Half the fun is watching the horror on her face, as she gets freaked out by things that do not provoke such a reaction in myself.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like the series, watch this.

MOVIE QUOTE: Johnny Knoxville: “Hey sir, would you mind driving a golf ball off my friend’s crotch?” (and he did! No real harm, but SUCH INTENSE FEAR!)

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