I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] What? There’s a 3? Actually, not yet. I appear to have been tricked into buying a fake Jackass 3. The real movie is not yet out. This is a fake. This was mostly rehashed clips from the show or from JackassWorld.com. Still — we watched it, as we have not seen every episode of the series.

PEOPLE: The standard Jackass crew.

QUIRKS: Jackassery. Bad ideas that result in injury or gagging — all implemented with real people.

VISUALS: Some of the most disturbing ever. The most disgusting part was when [highlight for spoilers] one of the guys ate all the ingredients of an omelette raw. Then puked it up right away. Then cooked it. Then ate that. It’s very rare that something can make me gag so much tears are streaming down my face; It usually takes Saw / Hostel -level violence to even get me to squirm.

MORALS: Do ANYTHING if a camera is on you, and it might be funny. ANNNNYYYTHHHIIIIINNNGG!

BAD STUFF: Too bad this was a fake!

CONCLUSION: I wrote one.. but I ated it. And puked it up and ate it again. (Seriously though, I had written one, but at the time of posting, only the word “anyway” appeared here. Don’t know what happened. But we loved the movie, of course!)

RATINGS: I can’t actually rate this because it’s a fake, but I would give it 5/5 Netflix stars and 9/10 on IMDB for being extremely entertaining and funny.

One skit, where they re-enacted a subway safety sign — wasn’t injurious or gross. Sometimes they do that. This one was SO DAMN FUNNY that we had to stop the movie and laugh for a good 2 minutes before we could start it up again.

RECOMMENDATION: Wait for the real Jackass 3. But if you get an opportunity to get the fake Jackass 3 — do so. Just don’t pay money for it, as it probably doesn’t go to the creators

SIMILAR MOVIES: Jackass 1, Jackass 2, Jackass 2.5, and probably the real Jackass 3 when it comes out :)

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