obesity = economic opportunity?

One of the favorite things I hear people who are in support of our capitalist medical system (the only one remaining in the modern/westernized world) is that, “If we had socialized medicine, all our good doctors will leave for another country where they will make more money.”

What country would that be? We spend more on medicine per capita than most of these other nations, and yet are less healthy than many nations (Cuba, UK) who spend far less per person. So my question is: Where will doctors go and make more money?

Also, if doctors automatically flock to wherever they get paid the most — wouldn’t that mean that (because we are the country that spends the most, and has a capitalist system) a lot of shitty doctors from other countries are actually coming here to make more money? Hell, we could end up getting other country’s shitty doctors!

I kind of think bad doctors are far more likely to come here for our money, than good doctors here leaving us to go to — where? Where do doctors make more money??? Unless you’re doing a private practice for the rich (who live everywhere), you’re probably going to make more money in America than anywhere else. This is why people come to America (in general).

So yeah. Until someone cites some real numbers with their argument, I am no longer going to believe this anti-socialized medicine argument as being necessarily valid.


If he were alive today, he'd probably rescind some of his quotes, after seeing the behavior of corporations today. Charters had only begun to fall out of popularity near the end of his life. Corporations didn't get the same rights as people until after his death.

Read The Birth Of The Corporate I for a big picture view at what corporations once were, and what they became after Lincoln’s death.

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