Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

One of the most useful .BAT files I have is “after.bat”. It lets me define things that might happen after I’ve done something. I also have a “before.bat”, but I don’t use it as much.

After a movie, I type “after movie”. It opens up IMDB, Netflix, and creates a stub blog entry in my text editor with a blank movie review. It waits for me to press any key, then uploads the review.

“After concert” similarly opens up my list of all concerts I’ve ever been to.

“After mouse” opens up a specific log file that I use to log all the animal invasions into my home.

“Before Quake” automatically runs IHateThisKey.exe, which hides the windows key from working [very disruptive in games], and it kills SetPoint.exe, which messes with quake. It also automatically runs “after quake” when I press any key to continue, and “after quake” kills IHateThisKey and starts SetPoint back up again.

“After internetoutage” opens up the file where I track internet outages.
“After poweroutage” opens up the file where I track power outages.
“After camping” opens up my list of all camping trips I’ve gone to.
“After dream” opens up my dream file for whatever year it is; “after yardsale” does the same.

The newest edition?

“After month”. After seeing Carolyn’s awesome blogpost here, where she talks about what she did each month of the year, I just start to think about how crappy my memory is, and how I use computers to systemize my life and keep things straight for when my brain can’t.

“After month” will now open up a specific file [which automatically changes each year]. I will then type up the major events of the last month. I created a Google Calender reminder that will email me on the first of every month, reminding me to “after month”. I hope that doing this will improve my memory and logging. And when the end of the year comes, my end of the year blogpost will already have been written! Yay! (more…)