Thursday, March 18th, 2010

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HAIKU REVIEW: Globalization
has serious side-effects
in 3rd world countries.

LIMERICK REVIEW: There once was a global internet,
first used for all the porn you could get.
But globalization found a way
to achieve more for less pay
with workers you’d never even met.

QUIRKS/SUMMARY: Futuristic science-fiction and a meeting of 1st and 2nd/3rd world countries — Future-U.S. and Future-Mexico. America finally gets all the work it wants from cheap Mexican labor, without any of the citizenship/immigration issues. Workers work in virtual sweatshops, doing manual labor via controlling robots over the internet. All manual jobs are thus outsourced, and the wall between America and Mexico is completely militarized. Oh, and we built dams and took their water too.

Cybernetic implants increase employment opportunities, but they are expensive. And thus sold on the black market.

And memories? Memories are sold online too.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Globalism and a fake war on terrorism cause men to lose their families.

VISUALS: Barely any sci-fi visuals in this movie; they don’t even show the largest explosion that happens in the plot. Expect to see Mexico. Lots of dirty, poor-looking, back-alley Tijuana and Mexico desert.

MORALS: Gee… Perhaps everything corporations do isn’t good. Perhaps everything the government says isn’t true. Perhaps military who kill people on command aren’t really heroes.

POLITICS: Politically, this is an amazing movie. The vision of a corporate dominated future where globalism has taken its full toll is quite amazing. And despite the fact that nothing in this movie is happening now, it just seems like something that could happen very easily. And the fact that people who want their river back (it’s kind of hard to farm in the desert when your water supply has been stolen from you) are considered “aqua-terrorists” — is another commentary on our never ending “war on terror“, which isn’t even a real war. You don’t fight abstract concepts. And it looks like in the future, the war on terror and terrorists never stopped. They just changed who the terrorists were to suit them. Reality TV shows showing bombings? Wow… Wow… The scariest thing is that none of this seems super unrealistic to me!

BAD STUFF: Subtitled in Spanish. Not really a big deal. Oh, and the title is pretty terrible. And the story wasn’t done as well as it could have been (see below).

CONCLUSION: A futuristic, political, conceptual masterpiece, even if the delivery was less than perfect. Nonetheless, the mere world that it was set in is something that merits a lot of discussion and thought about how we should structure our impending global community. While this movie failed to achieve it’s ultimately potential, the ramifications of fictitious events depicted in the movie resonate in our current world in a singular manner. Perhaps globalism is NOT the answer to everyone’s problems.

RATINGS: Netflix: Clint: 4/5 stars. I’d be tempted to say 3/5, like Carolyn did, but it’s too hard to ignore the politics here. IMDB: 7/10 (for both of us). Carolyn rated it lower due to the same complaints that I had: Imperfect delivery.

RECOMMENDATION: Science fiction fans AND fans of politics should check this out. It’s a very unique story definitely worth exploring.

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