John The Canadien’s review really sums it up (he went with us). But this was an epic concert for me!

This was my 81st concert.

The 4th and 5th full albums I’ve ever seen performed live.
(The last two were also 20th Anniversary Tours! Pixies:Doolittle and They Might Be Giants:Flood.)

The 2nd time I’ve seen Testament (first time was 20 years ago).
The 1st time I’ve seen Megadeth, despite being a fan since 1988.

1991ish - Clint's room - metal clippings, guitar pick - 0471
^ Megadeth and Testament magazine clippings on my bedroom wall, parents’ house, 1991ish.

The 3rd concert that’s actually had TWO bands I REALLY care about play [others were Jane’s Addiction/Nine Inch Nails, and Celtic Frost/Type O Negative].

The 8th and 9th Guitar Hero songs that I’ve seen live after playing ’em in Guitar Hero. (Peace Sells, Symphony Of Destruction). :)

…And my 3rd Megadeth shirt :)

Megadeth was one of my first 2 metal bands (not counting Guns N’ Roses), though my friends had, at the time, tricked me and told me the Megadeth side of the cassette was Metallica, and vice-versa. But the deception only lasted a week or so, back in late 1988.

Carolyn wore the Megadeth shirt that I bought in 1988 / 8th grade, one of my Original Four Black T-Shirts [Megadeth, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Anthrax]. I wore a newer Megadeth shirt that Carolyn’s brother Jay (or one of his friends) gave to me in the late 1990s.

2000ish - Carolyn, Clint - front yard - 20 - we has mail
^ 20 year old Testament concert shirt that I could not find in time for the concert

I was actually more excited about Testament than Megadeth. I think The Legacy (1987) is a better album than Rust In Peace. The music isn’t as complex and well-written, but the songs just strike home a bit better than the Megadeth ones. Regardless, these are 2 albums I’d love to see live… and Megadeth played some of their best songs from other albums. Wake Up Dead, Peace Sells, and Set The World Afire are among some of my all-time favorite Megadeth songs. And In My Darkest Hour and Symphony Of Destruction are pretty damn good too.

As for Testament — Chuck Billy plays mean air guitar on his mic stand! I thought I was looking at someone playing a guitar, and then oops! It’s a mic stand! Haha. Too bad that Alex Skolnick is busy touring with the Alex Skolnick Trio… He’s tied with Randy Rhoades for my favorite guitarist, and the replacement guitarist just wasn’t as good. I couldn’t tell during the show, but I could tell watching the below video of Over The Wall on Youtube. He simply didn’t do Skolnick’s solos right. But the mix was bad enough at 9:30 Club that I at least couldn’t tell while I was there.

And I moshed for the first time in ages!!!!!!

Shirtless, sweaty, drunken moshing during the closing climax of “Peace Sells”. My shirt came off at the beginnign of Megadeth, haha. Kind of out of character for me, but as I get older, my cold-bloodedness and lack of any thermal regulation is really getting to me. Surprisingly, I survived the pit intact. Had a stitch in my stomach afterward, but am glad to report no mosh-related soreness the next day. I did, however, have considerable headbanging-related soreness the next day.

Amazing show! This was one of the best concerts in my life!!

Afterward, John & I bought some $10 “bootleg” tour t-shirts, which basically seemed to be official shirts that had the tag cut in half. Maybe they were misprints? Well, doesn’t that increase the collector value? There’s simply no way I’m paying $35 for a t-shirt. Ever. $20 was pushing it. $15 is a sure thing. But $10? I’m in!

And as we drove back, I shouted out “Polaris” and “Next thing you know, they’ll take my thoughts away!” at many random D.C. pedestrians. Goddamn. Great night. Then Carolyn, John The Canadien, and I went to 7-11, got taquitos, came home, watched the newest episodes of Kids In The Hall:Death Comes To Town and Family Guy. John fell asleep, so Carolyn opted to watch Nip/Tuck, staying up to a record late time of 3AM. She wakes up at 7:30AM, yet chose this fate. Of course, a nap was promised the next day. And John had the day off. And I didn’t exactly recover gracefully either. GOOD TIMES!

^ Testament: Over The Wall (live)

^ Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour [ending only]

Not a lot of pictures of this concert seem to exist online, but there are some that start on this page. They are only 500px in resolution, however.

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