Two minutes devoted to those who don’t have jobs: Don’t feel bad about it.

Also, we went to Freezepop last night. Man, the Velvet Lounge is the worst venue ever. But at least the show was good. They have their QY70 again; there’s a new member named Christmas, who’s so friggin’ cute it’s ridiculous–it was her first tour night ever, in her life.; Sean P. Drinkwater walked into the crowd with his keytar, and made Carolyn hit a couple keys on it (then she recoiled); They played 3 new songs I’d never heard; Liz Enthusiasm was sick, and messed up a verse during one of the songs [but I don’t fault her for it], Sean P. Drinkwater was playing with his new keytar, annoying the hell out of Liz, Even their old songs sounded better, as they seemed to have more complex arrangements: It was almost like hearing a new song. Among the songs they played that I recognized were Bike Thief, Super Sprode, Science Genius Girl, Plastic Stars, Stakeout, Brainpower, Less Talk More Rokk, Get Ready 2 Rokk, and closing with some Christmas song.

The best Freezepop concert was still their AnimeUSA show, where they had huge screens showing the band playing, and played to a room easily filled with 1000 or more people. Then they played at Chief Ike’s, which I called the “smallest venue ever”. But Velvet Lounge is even smaller than that! If they come back to AnimeUSA, I’m definitely going to see them there again, it was way more kick-ass than the other 2 tiny venues!

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