movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] After watching 13 episodes of the Spaceballs animated series, I guess I’ll give this movie a 2nd chance. I never thought it was funny, but since it is now in hi-def, it’s a good use of my TV.

PEOPLE: Mel Brooks. Daphne Zuniga. Bill Pullman. John Candy. Rick Moranis. Joan Rivers. Michael Winslow (that guy from Police Academy who makes all the crazy sounds).

QUIRKS: The entire movie is a spoof movie spoofing the Star Wars trilogy.

VISUALS: Obviously-cheap special effects that still occasionally look decent for something coming out of the 1980s.

BAD STUFF: Mel Brooks’s involvement. Had this been a Zucker-Abrams movie (or Judd Apatow!), this would have been wayyyy funnier. Mel Brooks relies on extremely corny humor, the easiest jokes humanly possible in a given situation, and just plain bad humor. I still didn’t laugh at all for at least 50% of the jokes. It’s mostly strikes me as Homer Simpson-level humor. And I don’t mean what we see in The Simpsons — I mean, it strikes me as what Homer would think is funny. “He said Yogurt instead of Yoda! Teeheheheheheheh! Oh look, a bunny with a fuzzy tail! Here bunny!” I can just picture Stewie from Family Guy sarcastically saying: “Oh I see what you did there. You said Yo-gurt instead of Yo-da. Think you’re pretty clever there, do you?”

I mean… Puns are fun, but I expect more from parody movies. It took Brooks six months to write this??

And some of the spoofs just don’t hold water. Eek! The Cat did a better job on a 30-second Planet Of The Apes spoof than this movie did — and that’s an obscure 1990s kid’s cartoon that was never even released to DVD.

But don’t get me wrong. I still laughed enough to make this movie worth watching. But I hold it in no higher regard than the Scary Movie series. It’s maybe slightly funnier than most post-2000 National Lampoon movies (which many people hate).

CONCLUSION: Despite my complaints — after 20-25 yrs of hating this movie, I have to acquiesce that it is definitely a passible comedy worth watching. It had it’s GREAT moments. It also had a lot of TERRIBLE moments. Thus I am giving it a generic pass. That may be a bit mean; but I feel a lot of the complaints I’ve had for 20-25 yrs still apply. I simply have managed to extract more laughs from this at age 35 than I did at age 10-15.

IMDB:6/10, Netflix:upgraded from 2/5 stars to 3/5 stars. Carolyn gives it 8/10 on IMDB. I still am not amused by a lot of of Mel Brooks’s humor. I still preferred the animated series to the movie. This only has a 6.9/10 on IMDB, which shows that I’m not the only one who doesn’t think this is brilliant. Funnier movies from around then include: Airplane 1, Airplane 2, History Of The World Part 1 (which I have long considered the ONLY good Mel Brooks movie).

RECOMMENDATION: If you hated the movie like I did… Try watching the animated series. If you can stand that, try watching Spaceballs the movie again. Just know there’s a lot of bad humor mixed in with the good humor.

MOVIE QUOTE: [nurse exits]
Dark Helmet: I bet she gives great helmet.
(This is about as sophisticated as the humor gets. Not that sophistication is required for me to enjoy humor.)

WILHELM SCREAM: There was one, and we heard it this time.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Carolyn, Christian, Christie, Benj, Jordan, even Glen loved it. Parthena, Ian, Chris H really liked it. Rebekah didn’t like it.

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