//www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/jesus1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.[originally posted 3/25/2008] Because I am outspoken, have a powerful web presence, and have unpopular and unapologetic opinions, I tend to attract trolls from time to time. For example, the guy who argued that we must protest South Parkbefore the series even came out. Honestly, I might be the actual troll here, as I deliberately put some stuff up to bait people into leaving responses, which is the definition of trolling. But that definition usually applies to neutral forums, not to posting to your own forum. So I’ll go ahead and call the people who attack me on my own spaces “trolls”, in the “I’m rubber you’re glue” spirit.

This is in response to my “What Would Jesus Smoke?” blogposts HERE, as well as my What Would Jesus Smoke (and other Jesus) Flickr images HERE.

These pictures draw “Christian soldiers” from all over the place, causing them to hurl entertaining vitriol in my direction. I fucking love it.

I always thought “Ye who has not sinned should cast the first stone”, but hey, Christians don’t seem to know much about being Christ-like, just like Muslims don’t seem to know much about being Mohammad-like. (And if they did, they would all have 6-year-old wives like Mohammad.) My uncle Sean has already published, analyzed, and commented on this letter, and there are already a few comments over there on his blog. He is more calm and collected, and can say how I feel better than I can. :)

Anyway, this gets ugly. Very ugly. Read on to see the love God puts in all Christians’ hearts. (That was sarcasm.)




Anyway, without further delay: Check out this email I received — straight to my inbox — in response to these postings…. The bolded part is my favorite / the funniest, and I am posting my friend’s responses below as well:

FROM: mandspreston@ntl.sympatico.ca

I see by your page setup how you raise yourself upon a pedestal of narcissistic self indulgence and blasphemy. I’ll bet if you were chocolate, you’d eat yourself [Clint’s note: That would rule! I’d taste good!]. Although my God, Jehovah, has told me by his inspired word to “Return evil for evil to no one”, I can’t resist this time in saying that I happily look forward to Jesus’ promised return so I can wave goodbye to you as you disappear with all wickedness into the vortex of Jehovah’s destruction! And even someone as self-important as you’ve seem to make yourself has got to know that this sick violent world cannot last unto itself much longer. Change your attitude while you still can. That self-imposed “happiness” you work so hard to portray on the net is just a mask for hatred and prejudism and bias. You’re being blinded by Satan, but that’s obviously a choice you “intelligently” have made no doubt based on a life experience rich with the devil’s education and evil perception.

No, Jesus does not and would not smoke “marijuana”. But I can guarantee you something he will smoke..and that is your existence straight into the everlasting lake of fire where your complete and eternal destruction awaits you if you don’t make a change very, very soon. [Clint’s note: Best. Paragraph. EVER.]

Sincerely and with true Christian Love,
Just another “Christian Troll”

Do not reply. I have blocked your address because I have been guided through God’s word to turn my back on apostasy completely.
Besides, you seem to be doing fine having your one-sided say through your vile webpages [ironically, every place I have posted the What Would Jesus Smoke? pictures has open comments section that anyone can reply in!], so I reserve my right to have my one-sided say in sending you this letter.
It’s not too late for you, Clint.

I then sent this email to everyone on my Personal Update List (let me know if you want on/off the list), asking them to flame the guy back, since he is blocking my emails. Here are some of the flames sent to him, and some of the responses sent to me. By the way, don’t stop reading now. It gets worse below….If you don’t like Carolyn being called a whore, you might want to read on.



A musical intermission from the Westboro Baptist Church: A parody of “We Are The World”, which is “God Hates The World”. I love religious fundamentalists!



Thanks to Sour Swinger for sending this:

Dear Jesus Fucker,
I’m sorry to inform you that your god has abandoned thee. He feels your sorry ass is nothing but a wasted chunk a dirt. Jesus walks only with those who shall walk in the kingdom of heaven. I am to show you that light does not exist for you. That the dark, bottomless pits of hell await thee upon your death. No praying shall free you of your sins. No preacher, priest, or reverend can save your sole. God so desperately wanted to get rid of yours, he gladly paid me 100 attentional souls. Already, several voodoo doctors curse your body. Your life shall be full of hate, misery, pain and suffering. Haha just joking, I know it already is! I shall await thee at the gates of hell with open hands to further torment your miserable life. Do not try to run, for there is nowhere you can hide. God has already forsaken you from any safe haven you may try to hide in. Try no last pity groveling, for if my eyes don’t deceive me Jesus is giving you the finger. Your so called “preaching” and “spreading” the Christian values is nothing but an damn embarrassment. I’ll shall see you in Hell Bitch! MWWHhaaa haha ha
P.S. – You’re a fucking douchebag!

Thanks to Chris W for sending this:

You sir are a douche bag.
I see by your email that you raise yourself up upon a pedestal of narcissistic self indulgence through righteousness and ignorance. You hide behind blind faith pushed upon you by others who had it pushed upon them by others who had it pushed upon them by others and so on and so on. You make yourself feel better by emailing people, threatening them with complete and eternal destruction, and then don’t even have the true righteousness to allow him to respond to you. I have personally known Clint for many years and know his beliefs to be anything but one sided. He is more willing and open to discussion than just about anybody I have ever known. However, your cowardly action of threating him with eternal damnation without even truly considering why, and unwillingness to even consider or discuss his beliefs is just one of the many reasons that you will never attain true enlightenment and deserve to burn in a pit of boiling oil yourself.

I can only hope that one of these days you learn to actually pay attention to the world and think for yourself so you can be something other than a mindless member of a cult.
So why did Michael Jackson get married anyways?
Cause the pope complained that if he kept fucking those little boys he’d have to be ordained.

Thanks to Melanie B for sending this. Unfortunately, the address was terminated for “spam”, so this bounced:

Dear Christian Troll,
You are a douche-bag. I feel deep pity for you and your ignorance. If you truly follow “Jehovah’s inspired word”, then shut the fuck up, get off the internet and go crawl in a dark closet in the attic where the real world can’t corrupt you.
How can you judge anyone else, telling them how they portray themselves online is just “a mask for hatred and prejudism and bias”, when by doing so you are showing your hatred, prejudism and bias for those who think differently than you?
You don’t have to read every blog or webpage on the internet… however if you feel the need to indulge yourself in reading those of people who hold different views than you… perhaps you are subconsciously looking for a way out of tiny little world where you are ruled by a religion and a book (or collection of books) telling you to deny who you really are…
Religion and people who feel the need to force their beliefs onto others (like you), have been the source of sick violent events throughout history. Not to mention everyone’s favorite un-invited early morning bible belt beating door knocker… the Jehovah’s Witness… who may not necessarily harmful… but damn annoying.
Your “religion” was developed in response “to what they saw as compromise and corruption in mainstream Christianity.” Your religion disputes doctrines such as the Holy Trinity, Hellfire immortality of the soul, and clergy-laity divisions as illegitimate additions to the original Christian teachings. So what’s to say that others who believe that what is written in “religious texts” isn’t exactly valid?
So… stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
Also, I will not be blocking your email… I encourage you to respond… I could use a good laugh….
Sincerely & with Best Regards
Just another “Enlightened Soul”



(responses to the douchebag follow)

Tabbitha: “hehehehehehhHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAhaHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! / <cough cough> / hehe / hehehehehehHHHHAHSDHAHDFHHRhfldngsdlnbrdmnb; sklgnmHAHAHHEHAHEHEHHA / That was awesome. / What a douche.”

Joe R: “If I were chocolate, I’d totally eat myself.”

Susan E: “what a pussy. don’t reply? what is he afraid of? ” (My response was: “he’s scared of me pouring virgin mary’s hymen blood onto his penis..”)

Sheer Panic: “Honestly, I found it mostly a bit *shiver* disturbing. / You’ve probably seen me rant on and on in my various web presences about ow much I hate Christians.. this guy is a pretty good example of what I ate about them. Gah. p.s. I don’t think it ever says anywhere in the bible that Jesus never parked a bowl. Certainly we know he liked to drink…)”

A.E.: “i’d take it as a compliment =)”

Vicky (+): Gene Ray’s bastard child?”

Compn: “a canadian?!”

Ian: “You have to admit, though….the …’he will smoke..your existence straight into the everlasting lake of fire’ IS sort of a genius of a segue.” [I agree. I told Carolyn, “I wish this would fit on a bumper-sticker!”]

Anonymous: “k, i’ll spread his email over every porn site i can find.” [Nice.]

Eve: “I’m in process of skimming through Corinthians and James for some appropriate ammunition…. won’t be tonight.” [If this ever comes to fruition, it will be awesome.]

Mom: “You mean he’s just lurching on to web-sites and lashing out at the ones he deems offensive? The world is full of crazies.”

Aunt Tatiana: “Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha ha ha ha ha aha hah eheh… Before I enter the fray. Tell me – did you ever know this moron – or was he just trolling around for “apostates”?”

Anna S-P: “HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA”. And, later: “Seriously. That made my morning much brighter. Leave it to ol’ Jesus to bring a smile to my face. ;)”

Debbie M: “Where the heck did this come from? Someone who read your blogs? That is so insane!!”

Heather J: “Wow……….”

Penny Prophet: “OMG… LOL / another “Christian Soldier” out there “saving” the people they find on the internet, huh? / like how he put “it” in quotes ;)”

Jon B: “I love how he says he blocked your address so you can’t respond. ”

Ken H: “Why would I email this fine gentleman? He’s called out the wrath of god upon you. I have enough people mad at me with his sky ghost getting all pissy to. My god, however, is a merciful if not playful god and will toy with his/your/my souls as he/she sees fit. Hope all is going well with yous guys. Is this supposed to be another pro-taser email? This guy could use a little ECT.”

Michelle G (+): “??? / I gotta know what you did to tick this guy off. Shame on you. This guy really showed you. You should thank him for showing you the light and single-handedly saving the entire world by throwing a few fanatical insults your way. / And, I thought I was weirdo. / Maybe I should email the guy and damn his soul for sending such a hurtful anti-God message to one of His children. Love thy enemy and all that jazz. Of course, if you can’t love your enemy, just turn them into chocolate and let them eat themselves.” [Brilliant! Let them eat themselves!]

Uncle Mike: “No, it is time for you to repent and seek your salvation in the Lord…lol. / Any idea who this idiot is?”

Chris H: “You are awesome. somebody needs to tell cock knocker that Jesus smokes crack. “I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, JESUS””

L Dubs (+): “HAHAHA…that is pretty hillarious. Wow. This is my favorite part:” [the part where he said Jesus would smoke my soul into the fire of damnation]

John The Canadien: “dude, “Into the Vortex of Jehovah’s Destruction” is the best Scandinavian black metal song ever!!! not only is he a douchebag, but judging by his email address, he’s also Canadien.”



I think now is a good time to point this out:

“Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.” – The Guardian – http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,869273,00.html

Doesn’t your precious little book say that mankind is supposed to use every available flora and fauna?
Cannabis in the bible: www.ccguide.org.uk/bible.php

“Moreover the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying: “Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet KINEBOISIN two hundred and fifty shekels”

KINEBOISIN, according to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is the old name for cannabis [i.e., the marijuana plant] – it was also spelt kannabosm. They claim it was mis-translated in the King James’ version of the bible, as “calamus”: www.slate.com/id/2162292/?nav=fix

So, even though it was a hypothetical when I thought of “What Would Jesus Smoke?”, it turns out that he very may well have used cannabis! Take that, Christian soldiers!




Postcard - Christian Death - Sex And Drugs And Jesus ChristAnother such Christian warrior douchebag is a Flickr user called Turbo_Reloaded2, who had posted naked pictures of his own baby’s ass (which I find gross both because I hate babies, and because I know some pedophiles would be into that, and as a result of me telling him this, Christians were calling me a pedophile, haha). He set the pictures to private after me & Stacy called him on it (and after I favorited it just to creep him out, haha! Score one for immature passive aggressiveness! I also found his youtube account and rated all his videos with 1 star… I’m a passive-aggressive creep like that sometimes.)

Why did I do all this? Well, Turbo_Reloade2 really did not like my scan of a Christian Death postcard (featured to the right), and left the following comment, saying:

You are such a stupid, silly, imbecile ignorant lack of respect, for sure that you have already what you deserve in life. Don’t worry, you’ll have more.

Of course, I should point out that I did not create the image. I used to listen to Christian Death before, back in the cassette tape days, and eventually decided I didn’t really like their music enough to warrant buying it on CD. But that didn’t stop me from scanning in my Christian Death postcard during the great postcard scanning, circa 2000. So anyway, I didn’t even create the image that pissed him off so much, which is quite funny to me.

But just to add insult to injury, he clicked on the next picture in my photostream. It was a picture of my good [male] friend Stacy. Not content with reading the tags or the caption, this idiot assumed the picture was me, and left another comment:

didn’t wait less that this face from you bloody ignorant, you are a real exposure of what you profess, pile of rubbish !!!

Of course, this is from Turbo_Reloaded2, who is too cowardly to post his own face in any of his pictures. So he’s willing to make fun of someone else’s appearance, but unwilling to share his own. I’m thinking Turbo_Reloaded2 must be a fat fucking piece of shit, but who knows.

Follow the link to see me and Stacy’s responses. Stacy’s comment response is nothing short than brilliant, especially the part where he says, “I’m going to go ahead and guess I’m less hammered in this pic than you were when you posted that incoherent comment”. Me? I don’t try to come up with a gentlemanly comeback. I called him a fuckface and told him that tonight I would dine on Jesus’s cock while rubbing one off to the naked pictures of his baby. I am not a gentle man.

So, TurboReloaded attacked me, and a random person in my photos. The Bible says “Eye For An Eye”, right? So I attacked him, and a random person in his photos. Except the only photos were, as mentioned, his baby, because he is too cowardly to show his own face.

So I found one of the more stupider photos, and said “He looks like he has Down Syndrome”, and insult that I’ve been a fan of since watching Kenny Vs. Spenny, where Kenny frequently says that Spenny looks like David Schwimmer with down syndrome. I also commented on the baby’s ass picture and said it was something pedophiles would like. :) Of course these statements were used by the Christians, who then called me a pedophile. I ultimately decided to erase all traces that that ever happened, because I don’t like being called that — and certainly not from pictureless, contactless, “anonymous” flickr accounts.

So finally, a few days later, while I was writing this draft, Turbo_Reloaded2 came up with another comment response shown here (emphasis added):

I am very happy that some small and direct words of my side had cause such distress to stalk me so badly, send your friends to stalk me and considered my baby’s pictures (4 months old) as pornographic, you just show people your level and how Marijuana seriously affects the brain. / I really see that you already had what you deserved, and yes please, don’t delete your commentaries, are so very enlighten, you look so really amazingly good and intelligent.

Congratulations then, I also will tell some of my friends to visit your great words, and we also are going to have more than a laugh, And even you say my son have Downs Syndrome (thanks God he is and will always be so healthy), I am sure he already is quite such more intelligent than you. / And by the way, I see that the fact that my blog has so many women’s friends had stroke you badly uh… To think that obviously you have a full life of abstinence is hard…hahaha.

So pitiful you are, once again, pile of rubbish. Any time, anywhere, with just my small finger I take care of people like you. / Enjoy your pitiful life mate, you have a long way to go in your dirt !

It’s particularly funny, because within 30 minutes, Carolyn left a comment saying “Clint doesn’t have a life of abstinence. I should know, I’m his wife.” And then I pointed out that we’ve been together for 16 years as of this saturday. And within an hour or so of that, TONS OF COMMENTS FROM LAME CHRISTIANS ON FLICKR WHO HAVE ZERO PICTURES AND ZERO CONTACTS started flooding in. Tons. And, as I mentioned, not a single person had a single photograph. Cowards scared to show their face.

I used to think they signed up JUST to leave comments on my picture, and felt a strange sense of being honored. But after awhile, it became apparent that it was more likely the same idiot signing up over and over under different names. Why do I think this? The same idiotic bad grammar, lack of conjugation, and general lack of a working knowledge in the english language. I copied the comments at the end of the post. Read them and tell me if you think they are by the same person. I tend to think they are. Either that, or his friends are just as “educated stupid” as he is.

The photo quickly became the #1 most-commented-on photo in my whole flickr photostream of 5600+ public pictures. The comments got ugly. Very ugly. Calling my wife a whore ugly. Telling me they would spit in my face if I was there in person ugly. (By the way, a survey I participated in indicated that Catholics are more correlated with the act of spitting on someone than non-Catholics… I wonder if this extends to all Christians? My guess is yes.)

Unfortunately, it got too ugly. And I did too. I finally decided that if someone can’t put their own face behind their comments … That if they have a blank flickr account, with 0 pictures posted, and especially if they also have 0 contacts on flickr — and then insult me and my wife via that account — That it’s not a “real” account, and I would block them, thus causing all their comments to be erased. Of course I got the last word in, with a form letter I sent to each account prior to blocking it. It was a few paragraphs long but was basically “nanny nanny boo boo, all your work is gone, you wasted your time, more people see my photos due to the interestingness score being raised by all the flame wars, now all your bad comments are gone, but i keep the high picture score. Thank you for your service; far more people will see the picture now”.

Anyway, I’m putting my real face behind my sentiments, linking it to my blog, and am “out there”. These faceless users have the gall to call me a coward, while hiding behind their own psuedo-anonymity. There’s really no reasoning with them, especially when it’s the same person signing up over and over again, so I unfortunately had to make them go away.

But I kept the worst of the comments (below).

Check out all the [remaining] comments by clicking the Jesus picture. I told them they were acting more like muslims than christians, which was a statement purposely designed to infuriate them, since most christians of the hateful variety can only imagine a suicide bomber when they imagine a muslim. Fight ignorance with more ignorance. :)

Anyway, look for the “hall of shame” worst comments at the very bottom of the blogpost. They kind of ramble on, so I don’t want to incorporate them into the actual body of the post.


And yes, I know that by replying to them, I was giving them more fuel to reply back. I really didn’t want to give them the last word, as it was MY forum, I get the last word, just like Jerry Springer or Bill O’Reilly. It’s not a neutral forum.

I wanted to avoid blocking, but unfortunately it became quite necessary. The fact that I am defending myself undoubtedly reduces my credibility to those human beings that fall prey to the “people defending themselves must be guilty” aspect of human nature, as well as the people who think that “once you call someone a name, you’ve lost the argument”, as well as the people who will only fight for someone on their side if that someone’s debate style is as civilized as theirs. As if debate style has anything to do with the underlying message.

I happen to think right and wrong are independent of debate methods. Debate methods are just protocols for exchanging criticism of ideas. The protocol is independent of the data it transmits. People don’t get this. You can’t judge a book by its cover any more than you can judge the underlying truth of a debate by the debate style. But I see now that a civilized style is necessary to convince “debate snobs” who didn’t grow up in the trenches of the local BBSing scene.

Oh well. I live by my own rules, and one of those is never missing an opportunity to tell someone they are wrong. However, even that can get damn old after awhile.

Anyway, a couple small anecdotes, and then the terrible comments can be found at the end of this post.


I was also commented on by some redneck with the username of Terry Lee Stoudt who has since removed his comment. But not before I went through his pictures, and found out that the troll actually has a cousin named Bobby Jo. I left a pithy comment and got blocked. :) But check out Bobby Jo!! Hehehe



(the strangest thing yet!)

I meant to blog about this on Christmas Day, but to give Christians some credit, one such Christian user, named yeshuaishi, actually left a positive comment on my Christian Death postcard of Jesus injecting himself. It read:

some may find this offensive, horrifying, & even blasphemous, but, this is a very accurate depiction of what happens when one of the body of christ is persecuted by these devices of the devil…… “jesus christ is the savior of all men, especially those that believe”(n.t.) & “no problem is too hard for god”(o.t.) “let us pray for all men everywhere”(n.t.) sincerely, amen, yeshuaishi

A Christian leaving a positive comment on a non-Christian’s blasphemous picture, on Christmas Day. If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.



(click pictures to get to flickr comments)

Beavis - The Church Of Our Lord Beavis Christ
He died for Todd’s sins.

What Would Jesus Smoke?




OK. I’m done now. But here are some parting lyrics from Voltaire‘s song “Hell In A Handbasket”. I just saw him play this (1 man show) live at Spellbound last weekend, and was proud that he looked into my eye when he said “And you”:

I’m goin to Hell, in a handbasket.
And I’ll have good company too.
‘Cause If I was so bad, than there’s no need to be sad.
‘Cause everybody else will be there too (Including

*That’s when he gave me eye contact. I was front-row so there was no mistaking it.
(Later he told me I was sexy and spent way longer on my autograph than Carolyn’s.)

Full lyrics can be found HERE .. for now. If you really want to find lyrics, download the program called EvilLyrics.

My favorite lyrics from the song (these are not the full lyrics):

I’ve been a sinner.
I’ve been a saint.
Done both good and evil deeds.
Oh, but in the end, I was good to my friends
and that’s good enough for me.

Oh good Lord, they say all souls you forgive.
Well if that’s true then why
does there need to be a hell?

No this ain’t no lie, I’d rather be Kentucky Fried
Than live and kicking in Jersey any day

No this ain’t no fib, I’d rather be a splatter on the Devil’s bib.
‘Cause on my knees repentin’ ain’t my style.

Oh, oh good Lord, I only ask you forgive
The self righteous who decieve
When your words they twist,
We both know Hell don’t exist,
Except in the minds of the poor fools who believe


I am cleaning up the comments made by ‘anonymous’ people, so these comments may no longer appear on the actual photo. But I wanted to save them for posterity, and for an example of pure christian hate.

Cityandarts says:

Well, I am a neutral person and I have to be with Turbo, with wife or without it, ClintJCL, you are a very, very sick person, an image of Jesus being linked with Marijuana is an unecesary provocation and is not needed to be a “Vaticanist” to feel offended. / I am surprise that a woman that can be also mother will support also such innecesary comentaries involving a child of months of age and using a sad condition as Down’s Syndrome, or pornography as cheap insults.

And if you want, you can stalk me also and insult me but you are a person a very low quality that doesn’t deserve to be in any place where decent people is. / You are a sick, sick person with very, very wrong attitude and no idea whatsoever of life or human relations and being flickr a social place like any other I do recommend you to back off.

To use Mary and Jesus and your commentaries also simply indicates that you are an animal that should be better in jail or closed in a zoo. / And I very much doubt this user name is your wife. Get professional help, urgently.


just want to add, cause your pitiful personality just will scare people to death, is about comparing Christians and Muslims…The word Asessin comes from Hachis, so Mohamed was related for real with Hachis and Islam itself, during the time people hit the Vatican for the facts of the 13 and 15th century asessins in Islamic places was running high, you can google this at anytime.

Why you do not put a picture of Mohamed with the word asessin that in that case will be even true, and post it, not in a Christian site only but in a Muslim one, and pay with your credit or debit card… and let’s see what happens to you, let’s say, in a year… / Interesting uh?…do it dude, you don’t have the guts, I did.


Really, the most pathetic guy I have read in my life, it doesn’t even worth a line, wasted, wasted time… By. We do have a life thanks God and Jesus, full of blessings.

galiciaendirecto says:

Hey ClintJCL, I am sure that face to face you are not such stupid uhm, cowards like you that use the internet to insult people in all the ways are just craving attention, and yes man, you are sick, sick, sick… BUT REALLY SICK. / BE A MAN MATE, LEARN TO BE A MAN !!!

angelastevenss says:

I don’t know why you even loose time with such a sick looser, let him like that, hopefully someday he will look for the death he deserves, a very awful one as his life is, and I have to say that the rest of the pictures also just show a very lonely person craving attention…SICK DEEP IN THE MIND…AWFULLY SICK…AWFULLY !!!!

and, quite hilariously, after being called out on having poor English:

I don’t see the English problem actually and [comment] number 5 you mention I think it goes wonderfully with you, the problem is that in your lack of education if somebody doesn’t tell fuck, ass, stupid, son of a bitch periodically you presume immediately that they are french…NO, some of the people that speak English speak like number 5, they call it EDUCATION…

and, missing the point that it is a hypothetical question as well as a satire:

Not Jews, not Christians had been able to produce a document with the Jesus name on it, but you can prove he smoked Marijuana?, man, you are retarded. Still the Crucifixion is a matter of debate for muslims and you know and can prove Jesus was the first smoker on earth and brought from Colombia or Africa a shipment…hahaha… that was good one…
MAn, I really understand that you want to say the last word and we really want but, don’t come bullocks about that Jesus smoked Marijuana and that you have scientific prove of this because this is so stupid as the Koran to say JEsus was not crucified, was taken.


Is 21st century and people had seen the effects of drugs in many ways and I never had seen a happy case, including yours, any drug attack brain cells, the nervous system change your personality for the worse, intoxicated and affect the way you think in hundreds of ways, your perception of reality, your humor you ability to learn and so on and on.

Drugs are seriously related with prostitution, suicide, psychopathies of all kinds, murder and misery and poverty in all the ways and this happens to everybody, in every country and every social class, for centuries, I don’t know how you link to such stupid commentaries and you don’t link to serious studies, including wikipedia also.

and (wow):


and (this is funny!):

Maybe you are upset with police for the same reason, they don’t let you kill, take drugs, be a pedophile, isn’t it, has to be frustrating for you.

and (this is the type of ‘ugly’ stuff, which I hurled right back at them in the form of private flickr mails):

You are the one who has 25 pages hiting on Christian and with the religious topic mate, has to be very annoying to live with you, mono – thematic, superficial, childish and disgusting, let’s put a picture of your fucking father for humor value also and from the bitch of your mother… This is about you asshole, about your disgusting and sillly you.

and (idiot can’t even spell “loser” right):

I don’t know why you even loose time with such a sick looser, let him like that, hopefully someday he will look for the death he deserves, a very awful one as his life is, and I have to say that the rest of the pictures also just show a very lonely person craving attention…SICK DEEP IN THE MIND…AWFULLY SICK…AWFULLY !!!!

Easy weazy says:

You really have a deep issue against Christianity man, deep OBSESSION…Jesus, a therapeutic urgent case…You think any Christian gives a shit for what an asshole like you or another couple of lousy loosers around the world may think… difficult to understand this …Is a person that considers the Bible the word of God but don’t love Christians…man, people directly to the mad house straight forward… Your critics about Christians and Christianity by the way are quite stupid and based in hatred and ignorance, you can’t even make a decent point…


If you want to take your pills and practice your photoshop good man, but don’t believe such shit, you are a really ignorant person, by those days the transport was in donkey and use to take 45 days very short distances… After some more drugs you may say Jesus bought a shipment for Colombian Cartel. LOL…

pst, I heard that Jesus had TV cable and Broadband also, that is how he could predict the weather, the University of New Free Palestine support this…When Lucifer appeared to Jesus, this was for him to change to HOTMAIL…hahaha… / And Jesus was so good with animals because he used to watch DOG WHISPERER LOL… The Islamic University of deep studies of Iran support also that one…


Asshole of the year, Honoris cause from the Islamic University of the Muslim revolution for the new values of 21 century, Doctor in stupidity.

and (more ugliness in the name of christ):

I don’t think anybody want to see not your pictures, nor your wife mate, many people call her a whore directly, just that will explain a woman will be interested in you, she has to be an awful, brainless junkie… way sick mate… I had seen people in the Net you may agree or not but you are the most lower bastard ever…

pics lover says:

you are a scum sick psycho person and for sure life itself and God him/herself will sort you out, don’t worry, things can’t get worse just forever… OUT FLICKR NASTY PSYCHO !!!

and, I guess if I don’t want people to say my wife is a whore, then I should post any controversial opinions in private, huh?:

you want to link Jesus with Marijuana arbitrary and you get STUNNED somebody told you brainless abuser life is going to put you into place?. Yes mate, you are the one who is FORCING this situation cause you pay and it is your site, you don’t want people to see and have an opinion of your stuff, SET YOUR ACCOUNT TO PRIVATE AND COMMENTARIES OFF, ready.

Otherwise, you are YES, forcing us to watch your shit cause appears in FLICKR SEARCH UNDER THE NAME OF JESUS [hahahahaha. Note to self: tag more photos Jesus Christ. -CL].


Your fat wife [of course anyone who knows Carolyn knows she is not fat] also shows the eyes of destruction and vice…how she is inside dude?… Satan, made the Marijuana, the pills you take, the hours you loose, the health you don’t have, the money that had gone, the fear that you feel, the anger that posses you… Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub yes…

Jesus…No my friend, this doesn’t come from Jesus, don’t link to such a lousy page, you are just pitiful, and by the way your house doesn’t look so luxurious neither for you to say you are such a professional. [gee, I guess that’s why the county only assessed it for $460,000 last year, huh? 2500 sq ft, biotch!] [He then goes on to insult our cats.]


Carolyn, I don’t know what kind of mind, or soul you have but after the commentaries or your guy and the mails he sent I wonder what kind of person stays with him more than 16 seconds, you had been with him for 16 years.

We are not the same people, neither we are friends, this is not a harmless picture in any sense, is a direct insult that you may pass (relate Jesus with addictions) cause you imaging what kind of stupid is behind, what it is unforgettable and unforgivable is the rest.

Kate Katy says:

I am with Turbo_reloaded, let;s kick the ass of this Jack holes that just lives destroying, man, is true, after watching the picture you think how somebody can be so low, until I read you… go to the mental institute of crazy dirty sick bastards… I will not say you have Down’s Syndrome cause there are many of this guys that are really lovely, instead you fucking animal… GET OUT OF THIS PLACE SICK, SICK MAN !!!, I am sure you had hear this many times, by the way.


And by the way, the only one here ranting about Moses and etc is just you, you have such a cheap philosophy as your mind, God made Marijuana, the plant…Satan told you to smoke it…God made shit also…why you don’t eat some?…I bet you had done that too… Sick bastard

and (Christians love spitting):

Repulsive, bloody bastard… you are speaking about God and Moses…psss…spit in your face

nataliaeva6 says:

Asshole, stupid son of a bitch no sense to lose my time insulting u. God will sort u out

john.steven95 says:

Heroine do affect the cells of the brain, burn neurones and destroy the white cells to the bones, cause real physical addiction that can cause even death for abstinence [NOTE: Heroin withdrawal does not cause death, only alcohol and barbiturates kill by virtue of withdrawal only. Know your biology!].

and, after pointing out that Rastafarians smoke marijuana to get closer to God, and that not every society considers miarjuana to be the devil, John.Steven95 then comes back with this strange quote (huh?):

Rastafarians acept part of the judeo tradition and part of the Christian but many of them are rastafari- non christian so once again you are severely wrong.

and again, it seems like the same person, who can’t use English properly, and can’t admit that his English is poor either:

by the way, you look like a real psycho, I see also that the English of these people is still very good and I urge to check yours by the way, I remember you also that as much as 78% of Flickr users has no buddy Icon and as so much as 35 % are not up loaders.

joey the great seems to think Jews believe Jesus didn’t exist, when in fact they just don’t believe he is the son of god:

The topic is simple, speak about Jesus and Cannabis is stupid cause is impossible and anybody with the less knowledge of history or common sense will know it. To say the University of Israel is supporting this is so stupid as specifically the Jews never had recognized the existence of Jesus and the pitiful webpage will not fool anybody with 3rd degree of primary school.

and is joey_the_great trying to say “cheek”? wtf?:

The concept that Christians has to love the neighbour put the other chick and etc is quite stupid and once again the people that argument this also knows nothing about even what they are criticizing.

Insulting my wife is a good way to get blocked:

About your wife Clint, no, is not hot man, it looks like a very long time drug addict that has never done any exercise that is not to fuck… as you, and no, I don’t care, just to be fair and sincere.

…though his insult is barely comprehensible.

Anyway… I sit with bated breath wondering when the next christian assault is led on me. :)

Before, I made the funny images because it was my own idea, and I wanted it for myself. But now, a salvo was fired in my wife’s direction, and a war is on. I have to wonder what other offensive religious images I can construct now. Jesus involved in gay sex? Jesus snorting lines of coke? Jesus raping a baby? The possibilities are endless!

But why even bother? There’s a treasure-trove of material already out there:

//www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/jesus2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.