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LIMERICK REVIEW: The war on drugs is dead wrong.
It makes criminals out of Cheech & Chong.
Most violence is by drunks,
religious fanatics and monks.
The cause of homicide is rarely a bong.

PEOPLE: A LOT of nobodies.

QUIRKS: A sketch movie comprised of 60+ non-politically-correct sketches against the war on drugs, and pro drug use. It is political satire, comedy, and education all at the same time. It is not just pro-drug legalization, but pro-drug use. There’s even one sketch making fun of potheads for being too close-minded to experiment with other drugs.

They also aren’t scared to play Godwin’s Law. Hitler and Nazis are depicted in at least 2 of the sketches.

One of the sketches is split up into several parts, and is a voice-over of Reefer Madness-type old films. Pointless, but pretty funny at the same time.

Another is safety tips for running a meth lab, in the form of a PSA.

Another features a kid’s parents fighting and being irritable after work. “Maybe it’s time that you talk to your parents about drugs?” Then everyone gets high and stops fighting.

Now mutiply those 3 by 20 to get the rest of the 60 sketches :)

MORALS/POLITICS: The War On Drugs is dead wrong, as is prohibiting any consensual victimless activity among adults.

But anybody with a modicum of common sense should be able to figure that out for themselves.

BAD STUFF: These guys aren’t brilliant comedy writers. They go for a lot of easy jokes here. If it weren’t for the subject material and political relevance, this movie would come off more like a Troma movie.

CONCLUSION: Carolyn gives this 4/5 on Netflix, and 8/10 on IMDB. I have to pretty much agree with that. The space left over by the lack of comedic genius is more than aptly filled by political relevancy, and pro-drug goodness. We laughed over and over and over, even though the jokes weren’t the greatest.

RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who likes sketch comedy of questionable quality (MadTV?) and appreciates some pro-drug politics would almost be given no choice but to like this movie. However, there are a lot of comedy snobs out there who might thumb their nose at some of the easy jokes being made.

The thing is — these easy jokes aren’t being made elsewhere. This movie gets a “uniqueness booster”.

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